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OAITW r.2.0

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Name: Skippa's Dad
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dexter/Maine
Home country: USA
Current location: here
Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 19,082

Journal Archives

Really, it all comes down to this.

Trump/Republicans -> Putin = World Mob Rule domination.

That is the stake.

Poor, low energy Trump. He was reading the words (maybe), but no passion.

Probably cuz he is fucked.

Murphy, Heilmann, O'Donnell.........yeah, we are at the Nixon moment.

No vids to back-up, but there was a definite intensity between the 3 that I think is worth watching. Murphy's comments are....game over. Worth watching.

It is political war......hang in and take sides.

1 word Lawrence O'Donnell and the exposure of Donald Trumps deeds - Treason.

Line is drawn, which side are you on?

So if Barr was blind-sided by the Trump transcript and was not Party to this quid pro Quo...

When will he resign to protect his worthless reputation?

This sure feels like the political showdown of the world series poker match.

Both sides are "all in". Question now is who has the winning hand?

So how is Putin and his Mob thinking about today's news?

That Trump investment is tanking and Democrats will be refocusing on Putin's threat to world democracy.

Is life sustainable in th Carribean?

Long term..
Climate change. Puerto Rico, Bahamas*

*I know PR cośld possibly survive, but at what cost?

How many human lives will the next Dorian take?

Why aren't we offering refuge now?

Seriously, could you pick a better President to sell out this Country?

There is not a uncorrupted bone is this pathetic person's body.

Tweet the question. And hashtag


Maybe the Trump Group (LLC) made this Alabama Bullshit happen....and

Keeps it happening white the Bahamas drown, and the Democrats want to talk climate change. Trump plays, Climate.

Change the Subject.
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