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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
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Positively 4 th St.

Yes, Garcia and Saunders, 1973. Enjoy.


Why I hope Joe wins.

(1) Other nations know him.
(2) Someone else is going to push the Domestic agenda. He won't have time.

So what will Bernie's priorities be? He can't be a Domestic President while we need an International President.

For me, it is who will be your VP.

This is one of those elections where age may win, but planning ahead and letting the Democratic voters know WHO you want/will run with, is pretty damn important in this cycle.

It's not like I don't think Bernie can win....

it's more like I don't see how he governs,

OK, gaming out that Bernies controls X number of delegates to the convention.....

and Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar Bloomberg combined = 2X.

Two observations-

(1) I'm thinking this is going to be the most fascinating convention for deal brokering that I have ever witnessed.

(2) Bernie is not going to be our nominee.

I wonder if Barr resigns in the next few days.....

do Republicans in Congress fold, or do they all decide to hang together?

Lawrence O'Donnell is laying out the Trump-Putin Unholy Alliance.

This is the stark reality - Donald Trump is a Russian operative.

Your top takeawy's from the debate tonight.

1) Bloomberg - Not invincible. Hope he keeps hammering Trump.
2) Biden - Good. not great tonight, but I see him as a Democratic transitional candidate.
3) Klobuchar, Buttegieg, Warren - all very impressive. I like Pete's campaign style.
4) Sanders - Irritating, he is always lecturing.

I don't like being lectured by Bernie Sanders.

He irritates me. Persuade me, don't lecture me.

Voted for Joe Biden in my absentee ME Vote, but I hope Warren coalescences

the Center-Left of the Democratic Party to support a Warren/Pelosi/Schmur domestic policy.

I've thought for awhile that Joe B. does international triage and Warren creates a legislative agenda (with Pelosi and Schumer) that fundamentally starts the process of economic , social, and political restructuring that has to happen now.

Joe is the nice guy, elder statesman who is our international face. Sen. Warren would be someone who I trust can find the balance, internally, to make progress. But also totally capable of being President in 2024.
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