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OAITW r.2.0

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Name: Skippa's Dad
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dexter/Maine
Home country: USA
Current location: here
Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 19,073

Journal Archives

Trump Revisionism is a sight to behold.

Against the reality of his documented immediate past, he continues to spin a different reality. There is enough bold-faced lies in this PR presser to feed network news for 6 months. But wait till tomorrow....

Trump: Impeachment was a hoax.

Just like our reaction to the pandemic warning coming from China.

"The Biggest Decision so far"

Stopping Chinese from coming to this country. It was never about his trade policies and animosity towards the Chinese who were playing hardball on trade. It was his concern about CV-19 (even while he was calling it a Democratic Hoax).


Without a vaccine, can we ever get back to "normal"?

Close social contact, no masks, etc?

We can flatten the curve, but I suspect the virus will continue to circulate. I see quicker reaction to viral outbreaks in the future, but I really can't see a way back to "normal" human interactions until a vaccine can be developed.

Speaking of which, will Covid-19 finally be the reality call for anti-vaxxers? Haven't heard them warning about the coming vaccine,,,

We need an impeachment intervention.

Not just to stop the person from destroying his life, but to save everyone else from his destructive tendencies.

A shoutout to Dr. Afrey! I am so glad we have people like him willing to serve this country.

****Aside, start saying, "Thank you for your service" to the people on the front lines having to deal with this nightmare.

Afrey is about 30 and from the DR. He's married to my girlfriend's daughter. He's the smartest MD I have ever met. He is a 5th year Resident at a Bronx Hospital. (Ed note, my Uncle was a beloved family GP~OBGYN doc in the 60s/70's so I have a pretty good reference).

He's on vacation for the next 10 days. His vacation plans got canceled, but he's enjoying his time away with his PA wife (telemedicine - a great thing these days) and 3YO son. He's going for his citizenship soon. I would say he reflects what I believe is the very best of the American spirit.

Soon, he'll be living at his hospital, spending his time treating the coming tidal wave of human suffering, crashing on a floor when he can't think clearly, 48 hrs later.

I pray Afrey and all of these great people who are committed to their vocation can meet the challenge ahead of them.

To be a medical worker in our society today, right now....

you have to be smart, capable, and compassionate. And I will bet my bottom dollar that a significant majority vote for Democrats.

Hope the GOP realizes this soon.

If Trump really loved Boeing.....

- He spent a lotta time on how much he loves the airlines and Boeing, in particular -

.....he'd be doing whatever he could to get that 1% of the GDP a healthy workforce. It will be a two-fer for Trump - actively destroy Washington and Boeing!

What a shitshow.

Lies, misinformation, unsubstantiated claims. Total chaos. This should help the markets come Monday.

Only person who must be loving this is Putin.

Other countries can't make ventilators? What a joke.

There is not going to be a market where the US dominates ventilators. The world got caught flat-footed, but I guarantee that China will out-build and sell many more ventilators than GM is going to do. GM was doing Trump a favor, now he's guaranteeing that they will be holding the shit end of the stick when the smoke clears.

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