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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
Number of posts: 348

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How to help with Colorado fire animal evacuations

Here's a couple places taking in displaced animals during horrific Colorado Fire:

Riverdale Animal Shelter
12155 Park Blvd.
Brighton, CO 80601

Promise Ranch
873 Lake Gulch Rd.
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Key lime pie

Help! Want to make key lime pie for Christmas and did a trial run today. Found a couple recipes online. Made the one with 2 cans condensed milk, 4 egg yokes, 1 cup fresh juice, graham cracker crust. OMG way too rich and way too tart. Question: can I use 1 can condensed milk and something else like evaporated milk or regular milk? Would I have to use more eggs?
The other recipe called for 1 can condensed milk, 5 yolks and 2/3 cup juice. I didn't think that would be enough filling.
Suggestions please, or maybe your foolproof recipe? Thanks so much.

I have an idea about these horrible weather incidents

Watching the vast devastation brought wirh tornados and other disasters that come with little warning, I'm wondering...aren't there people on constant weather watch around the country? Are they alerted to these situations before the general public? And if so, couldn't there be a vast siren system put into place? Maybe a siren station/pole every 200 yards (or whatever) in areas subject to tornados, flooding, hurricanes, fires. (Sounds like most of the country now.) This would be life saving especially when these disasters come at night? Or is that a stupid idea?

Okay, this makes me fucking nuts

On CNN just now Alyson Camerota asked one of the leading voices about the vaccination record in US, well, Biden promised he would get rid of the virus, so hasn't he failed at that? HOW CAN HE GET RID OF IT (OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY FOR THAT MATTER) WHEN THERE ARE MILLIONS OF JUST PLAIN IDIOTS OUT THERE WHO WON'T TAKE THE VACCINE, FOR ALL THEIR STUPID REASONS? What can he do....have squads of medical personnel hold them down and forcibly give them a shot? We are never getting rid of it. Either that, or just wait until all those idiots fall ill and die.

I was supposed to start my Christmas Markets of Germany, Switzerland and Austria trip yesterday, but Austria is on lockdown so they cancelled the whole trip.
Who knows when it will be available again, next year? That's what I said last year. I realize other folks have more dire situations, but it just fries my cookies. I'm my mother's caregiver, and I NEEDED that trip!

End of rant.

Okay, got a pumpkin pie question

When you take out of oven, it still jiggles a little in the middle, right, and continues to set while cooling? Or should it be completely set? Thanks.

Samsung Galaxy A21 5g can't find hp printer

Going crazy with this. New Galaxy phone can't connect to wifi connected hp printer. Pretty sure I could print from this phone after I got it but all of a sudden, it can't find my printer. Does this Galaxy have print issues? Do I need a different printer? Thanks for any help.

Olay, what's with the Uber Eats commercial with Elton John

And who is that guy he's with? They're riding kiddy rocket ships or something. It's just so bizzaro.

Lawrence tonight

Dr. Patel as guest. I always look for her flower arrangement on her back table. She must have a garage full of these fake bouquets. Or does she maybe rent them?

Went to a great concert yesterday

31st annual Dylanfest in Torrance, CA. Great music and good vibes. It goes noon to 8, always ends with Like a Rolling Stone. But last night one of the organizers/musicians said, I've got more beer and feel like doing a couple more songs. Yea!!
We've had 3 deaths in the family in two weeks, and OMFG I really needed that

My brother was on a ventilator in the ICU

For over a week. He had pneumonia, COPD, mrsa, and it turns out, a failed heart valve. They extubated this morning, and he passed about an hour and a half later.
He was 71. You know, it feels like someone kicked you in the stomach. My elderly mom is coping pretty well, but I think it's going to hit her hard a little later.
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