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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
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Question about home equity line of credit

I'm hoping someone has an answer to this:
So mom is almost 99, living at home with me, and full time caregiver at $400/day, $600 on holidays. For 5 months, we have been able to handle the fees from both of our accounts. Now we need to look for funds, and since she owns her home we thought home equity line of credit through our credit union a good idea. After waiting over 2 and a half months for an answer, they tell me "the title company does not wish to proceed." Huh? They have no more information.
We have no debt, adequate income from pensions and social security, house is paid for, good credit scores. Am I missing something here? The only thing I can think of is, since its for mom's care, and we won't need it when she's gone, do they think it isn't worth it to them because they won't get much back in interest?
I hope someone can enlighten me. I'm quarantined right now, but I WILL be cashing out from them when I can. Just unprofessional in my opinion.

Hey! I'm at the Chicks concert at the Greek in LA!!!

My first time, so really looking forward to it.

Okay, I have a question about Sirius in a rental car

Not sure if this is in right place, but here goes.
I plan to rent a car in Wash. State in October. I asked the rental company if I can use my Sirius account in their car. They said yes; also confirmed by Sirius.
However, I have Sirius app on my phone. Can't I use that, if I connect phone to sound system in car?

This is why we can't have nice things

Here in Los Angeles we have a new multi million dollar bridge, the 6th Street Bridge. It's only 2 weeks old but already has graffiti, loud racing, racing marks on asphalt. What the hell people??!

So Malcolm Nance is appearing locally tonight

Through a virtual appearance associated with a local bookstore. I've been trying to get a ticket on their website but have not been successful, it takes you through a loop. I left email for them, called to no satisfaction. Maybe others reading this can figure it out. Go to vromansbooks.com. It's the oldest bookstore in the Pasadena, CA area.

Anyway, I got his new book. I've read three others by him and I trust he knows what he's talking about.

I go through bouts of fear, anger and disgust. We have seen the attacks and bombing attempts he lists and it just gets worse. The attacks on a peaceful transition of power. I feel powerless. Yes, I vote, but with all the voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc., will the next election be fair and accurate? And YES I realize this is the very attitude and doubt they are promoting! Granted, it's not because of something progressives are doing, but it's what the other side is doing. And yet the outcome is the same.

An interesting entry in our local July 4th parade

I was in our local parade marching with our community garden entry yesterday. Our group came to the end of the route and I was walking back where my mother and her caregiver were sitting. A group in the parade came by that got a lot of cheering: abortionfinder.org! I was stunned. How awesome is that, but how ridiculous that we now have to resort to this kind of thing. I'm in the greater Los Angeles area so not in a hotbed red state. But we can't be too complacent.

Can't even go to the vet without seeing these assholes

Took my cat to the vet, and a customer at the counter had a black facemask on with this message, "This mask is as useless as JOE BIDEN". Dumbass.

So here's a question about if something is explicitly detailed in Constitution

I'm wondering about Freedom of Speech. Isn't your "right" to donate a boatload of money with no limit to a candidate held under the freedom of speech concept? Unlimited donations are not explicitly mentioned in Constitution but it's been interpreted that way, right? (Also Hustler Magazine for that matter, but that's another situation.)

Question about uninstalling gmail app

My AT&T email was on the Gmail app for years. About a year ago I noticed it wasn't syncing or refreshing in a timely manner so I went to AT&T store. They said Gmail app was acting up recently but no solution. I recently missed some important emails so went to store again. The guy suggested installing my email on Yahoo app. It's working better now. My question: is it ok now to uninstall the Gmail app?

A good raincoat?

I need some advice. I just got back from a tour to the Adriatic including Croatia and Slovenia. It rained a couple days and my new Lands End "raincoat" was worthless. Wet hair, and wet arms! It was sold as good for light showers. No!
Looking online I see some but several revues say they do not keep out rain. Even some ponchoes.
Does anyone know of a good womens raincoat with hood that actually keeps you dry?
Appreciate any suggestions.
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