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Beatlelvr's Journal
Beatlelvr's Journal
January 29, 2022

Wow, was not aware of rules.

Sorry I didn't have my coffee discussion in Lounge.

But thanks for all the suggestions! I hate Costco because of crowds. I like the suggestion to use their website.

Thanks so much everyone.

January 29, 2022

Favorite coffee?

Hoping to get some coffee recommendations Have been drinking Kirkland Colombia Supremo for years, but I just ran out. I just can't handle Costco anymore, so have been trying some from supermarket. Today I tried Peet's dark roast Italian...pretty tasteless. Bought Peet's med.
roast Brazil, single origin for tomorrow.

Any suggestions? Either whole bean or ground is okay. Thanks

January 15, 2022

So we took mom to a board and care facility yesterday

She had been resigned to it...everytime I had to lift her in and out of bed or the toilet or her recliner she would say, how is your back? I don't want you to hurt yourself. My family was there settling her in and let me say, the caregivers there are wonderful. But she called me at 4:20 to come back. I stayed until after Jeopardy, 7:30. She said she wanted to go home but knew she couldn't. This is hard. Going back today and everyday from here on.

Just a side note: she loves Rachel Maddow (she's 98!) so I looked for it on their small tv in her room. They have Spectrum and do NOT have MSNBC. They have FOX. NEWSNATION AND OANN though!

January 10, 2022

Mom's 98 and not doing well

I'm her live in caregiver. Just in 10 days or so she's gone down physically and cognitively (is that a word?). Had a fall and landed on her butt, now has bad back pain. Before I got her out of bed she thought she was in a crowd and asking for my dad (passed in 88). We just got hospice who are great but no doctor visit yet. Thank goodness I have a supportive family. We are leaning towards a board and care facility, and hospice is researching for us.

Anyone have experience with a loved one in board and care? Please tell me it's a good thing.
Thank you for any suggestions/words of wisdom.

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