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Question about home equity line of credit

I'm hoping someone has an answer to this:
So mom is almost 99, living at home with me, and full time caregiver at $400/day, $600 on holidays. For 5 months, we have been able to handle the fees from both of our accounts. Now we need to look for funds, and since she owns her home we thought home equity line of credit through our credit union a good idea. After waiting over 2 and a half months for an answer, they tell me "the title company does not wish to proceed." Huh? They have no more information.
We have no debt, adequate income from pensions and social security, house is paid for, good credit scores. Am I missing something here? The only thing I can think of is, since its for mom's care, and we won't need it when she's gone, do they think it isn't worth it to them because they won't get much back in interest?
I hope someone can enlighten me. I'm quarantined right now, but I WILL be cashing out from them when I can. Just unprofessional in my opinion.
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