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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
Number of posts: 477

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George Harrison would be 80 today!

My god, time flies.

The crazies are everywhere

Had an Electrolux guy come over for a servicing. I mentioned my pending trip to Canada. He said, well don't shoot at any balloons. Ha ha. That it's ridiculous to say they are from China, when China can spy on us in more sophisticated ways. Because actually, "they" are promoting a UFO frenzy, keeping us scared, so "they" can come along and save us all, thereby attaining world domination. I asked who "they" are. "Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Oh, and the Pope." Okaaaaaaay. Yipes.

I got 3 hearts!

Thank you so much!!

Okay, here's a dumb question about flying on partner airlines

I'm flying to Vancouver on Sunday. It's an American Airlines flight number, but "operated by Skywest as American Eagle". So where do I check in at airport, American Airlines or Skywest?

Two more hearts!

I love this website.

Hey! Somebody got me a heart!!

Thanks so much to my gifter!
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