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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 4,348

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Republican toilet paper?

I just saw a roll of toilet paper labeled as "Professional Bathroom Tissue." Which made me think (I'm still blown out by that school shooting) that it must be made for professional ass-wipers, which of course made me think of repukes.

But seriously... professional bathroom tissue?

Is multiple-gun ownership an age-related thing?

Okay, so I wasn't sure how to word it. And yes I know about last week's shootings.

But I'm curious as to whether all this interest in owning multiple guns "for self defense" is mostly prevalent among middle-aged and older folks. The very few people I know who have multiple guns, except for a couple of hunters, are all baby boomers.

BTW, I'm not implying that being older makes you want to own guns.

Which leads to what got me thinking about this... will all this interest fade away when these people die off?

Retiring overseas?

Not sure where to post this, but I'm looking for a good chat room that discuses retiring overseas... like a DU for potential expats.

Anyone know of a good one?

Just sent a suggestion to The Lincoln Project

Given the recent amount of BS put out by the Repukes, I suggested that TLP do a series of videos with the overall message that "Your Republican elected officials must think you're idiots." I said that this would probably hit (at least some of) the mainstream angry conservatives where it hurts: their self-importance, hubris, and arrogance.

Now I'm curious as to whether TLP will respond.

Interesting piece on CNN about Russian tanks.


The article says that there's a design flaw in the way the ammo is stored in the turrets of Russian tanks: they are liable to all go off in the event of a direct hit, blasting the turret right off the tank. The stated reasoning for the design is to give the tanks a lower profile.

It would seem to me, however, that, given how dangerous this is for the crew (as opposed to how other Western tanks are designed), that it might just be that the Russian designers -- or their bosses -- just didn't care about the crews. "Heck, they're expendable, right?" Back in WWII, the Russians just kept sending masses of troops to the front lines even as they were wiped out. So maybe the real reasoning behind the design is, just keep sending tanks and if they get blown up... well... send more tanks.

Which then makes you wonder if the tank factories are also run by oligarchs who just want to profit from having to sell more and more tanks.

Sometimes I can be a suspicious old fart.

Any science teachers here?

I've been looking for a source for very small lenses and round mirrors, as in 1/2" more or less. Just need a couple of mirrors and a couple of double convex and plano convex lenses. Any ideas where to find something like this? My first go-to was Edmund Scientific (now Edmund Optics, apparently), which used to sell inexpensive kits for experimenting. Don't seem to have those any more.

I'm totally open to getting "something" and cannibalizing the parts. Any leads would be welcome. Thanks much.

Groaner, inspired by the post on animal friends.

What do you get if you cross a cat with a giraffe?

I don't know, but I wouldn't want it to sit on my lap.

Dumb things said by Repukes?

An old friend who's a conservative sent me a list of dumb comments supposedly made by Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Obama. Now, from reading them I have to believe that some were made up or misquoted.

However, it made me wonder if anybody out there has compiled a collection of dumb comments made by Repukes, like an ongoing list. Has anyone here seen or heard of such a list? I'd love to send him something back. I already told him about Herschel Walker's comment about apes and about the gazpacho police.

Wouldn't it be great if Anonymous

hacked into that pos Fox talking head's show and exposed him for what he is?

Selling vintage comics?

I have probably 200-300 comic books from the mid-to-late 60s that have just been sitting there since I stopped reading them some forty-odd years ago. Mostly DCs and Disney, with some other ones. All in good condition.

What would be a good place or way to sell them? I've looked up pricing and such, but I'd like to hear from folks who know more about this than I do.
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