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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,366

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If trump has proof of election fraud (which he doesn't)

Why didn't he show it to a judge in court? Because he's lying. He didn't get what he wanted in court , so now he's trying to create chaos so he can declare martial law , so he can bypass the courts and Congress , to declare he's king. Why are republicans saying nothing stopping him, because they've been corrupted by putin and trump , and now too compromised to do anything. And trump is trying to compromise the judicial branch, and try and get the military to help protect him, and prevent his being removed. He also creates troubles when he doesn't get his way, and to try and get a deal. He knows his ties to putin will be exposed, and that's why he's so desperate now. Wonder when he'll threatens to release damming stuff on other presidents as he gets closer to being ousted.

Is trump making moves by these firing for Putin,

And had knowledge of these cyber attacks, but is so compromised couldn't do anything, and is in debt to him and deeply involved with putin's attacks on us? Did the republicans get campaign funding help from Putin ? If they are, what should their punishment be for all of this?

Trump and republicans lied again to the American people,again,

Trump and republicans claimed Democrats wanted to defund the police, but now exposed their lies with refusal to include aid to state and local governments defunding police. Trump and Mitch stalled more stimulus after trump and son in law Jared got millions in stimulus. We got $1200 to last for 8 months, and now this new one trump and republicans will only give us $600. Also trump is cutting SS by rule changes he's making. Now trump and republicans are getting exposed for promoting Americans getting this deadly virus. Hope the good people in GA take the power from Mitch and these corrupt republicans before they get us killed. Trumpers will learn eventually trumps telling you the opposite of what he.'s going to do, or doing.

Mitch gave trump and Jared millions in the first stimulus package,

Now they want to reduce a stimulus check from $1200 ( for over 8 months) from the last stimulus package, to the proposed one now to $600. Anyone else pissed at this now? trump got his, and Mitch now could care less about us, and is working for the big corporations, not the people. Vote Ga people ,vote. Ousted one, now get busy and oust Mitch from Senate majority control, or this will continue.

trump wants a loyalist appointed special council investigating Biden's son's taxes , and Biden,

Because he knows when he's out of the WH he can use them to promote wild claims and his propaganda campaign against him for his followers. trump will then after the appointment of one of his loyalists, pressure them to promote his lies and claims with. He tried to do this using Durham, and who could he choose soon, Gulliani , Powell?

How long before trump's new personal attorney replacing Bill Barr, Rosen,

Starts getting pressured by trump for indictments for trump's opposition, and family members? trump's trying this to get a deal to escape justice. He's done this in business when he didn't get his way, he did things to hurt the other investors. Maybe why Barr left, he wouldn't? trump desperately wants to use trump justice as his personal weapon. Now the republican party is an extremist hate group and anti-Democracy fascist group headed by trump, who will do nothing to stop him from doing this.

trump's head must be exploding this morning,

Seeing their electoral stunts failing, and seeing people of all races, and parties getting their vaccine. He wanted so badly to weaponize these vaccines, but failed.

Will trump or any of his kids be indicted very soon?

I kind of expect something to start up against them soon, before Biden gets into office. Will Bill Barr try to get out of trouble by doing this soon? I do think the NY AG's could.

Is trump creating chaos and promoting propaganda because putin has him around his little finger?

If the connection is proven , what should be done to trump?

Why do trumps supporters accept trump's lies about being cheated on this election,

When he can't present his evidence in a courtroom to support his claims. You'd think they would figure out he's doing the same thing over and over again. He did it with where President Obama was born, even claiming at one point his investigators were finding tremendous amounts of stuff, but like M. Cohen said he likely had zero people looking into it. He's pulled this same stunt on others too claiming something he knows is a lie. But why do his supporters believe him, he's failed to have any of his lawyers present evidence, and its easy to see he doesn't have any, just more lies. Eventually they'll realize he's lying so he can grift money from them, and then really be pissed he used them. 50+ courtroom appearances and zero evidence a fraud was committed, even his lawyers admit NO fraud was committed, while trump lies claiming the opposite. Wake up rubes, he's stealing your money, and making fools of you.
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