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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,351

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We won this round,but,

As long as trumps in office, and his criminal buddies are loose, like Manafort, Stone, Bannon, and Flynn, and they have his ear , the threats are still there they'll pull something. Trump is now even more desperate to plan his actions against our Democracy, and this isn't over, and will get more extreme , and worsen, especially with these people involved helping him. Their freedom depends on it.

What Democrats need to do first after Biden is sworn into office,

Announce a Commission looking into the 2016, 2018, and 2020 election crimes including money and foreign influence, and corruption in our government. Then call all those pardoned including trump to testify under oath. If they lie, that's a crime. If they conspire to obstruct or lie, that's a crime. All members of Congress need to be investigated , to insure like trump claims , they were not involved in any way. Until this is done the American people will not have faith in our elections, or politicians in our government. And those corrupt will have consequences, and deter it from getting worse. The corruption Has to be stopped, or our country can't survive as a Democracy any longer, and the criminals take it over from us.

trump will keep doing things claiming falsely he and his followers are the victims of election fraud

Desperately pleading for money, which is the con he's really promoting. He's got to keep up doing things so he has this money generator from his followers, and they have no clue he's scamming them , again , with made up claims like he's done over and over again in his past. A serial liar and a professional con man and criminal, trump will keep conning these rubes to separate them from their money, using anything he can lie about claiming they are being victimized with him. trump may be broke and already not paying his debts, which is his pattern. trump's going to threaten the ones who have refused helping him, and try to hurt them, even justices, and before he leaves office. This isn't over yet.

So, will trump get his criminal friends start getting armed groups together protesting?

Trying to incite violence he can use to declare something to stop it Monday, then claim he has the power to bypass the Supreme Courts ruling? Or is this just another incident he can use to fleece his followers more with while claiming he and them are the victims?

What will trump try next when the SCOTUS rules against him,

First he'll suggest he has powers he doesn't have, then try to block everything declaring martial law, or something he can corruptly use, which will be stricken down quickly, then he'll get states to protest threatening violence, or allow an enemy to in someway attack us.

trump isn't a king, or a dictator, but desperately wants to be,

And by falsely claiming the election was illegitimate, pressuring members of Congress, and Supreme Court Justices is treasonous to us, and our Democracy, and he's trying to do just that. trump is a corrupt serial liar who faces justice for all his crimes , and is lying again telling the American people he is a victim of election fraud while he commits openly election fraud . Now he's corrupted the republican party from their being compromised by him , and likely with putins help, to support this demand he wants to be able to self appoint himself as the leader. Have enough Justices been corrupted too?
You can bet he's been trying . We either have a rule of law and justice, or these criminals get control of OUR government to use it as their piggy bank, and as a weapon against us. trump wants absolute power, hopefully the judicial branch refuses this grab of power by him, which he will then bypass them, making him self appointed as long as he and his family wants. We also need to remember all those siding with him to undermine our Democracy, and oust them. These people are un-american and corrupt, and need to go too.

Did trump intentionally not order enough vaccines when he had the chance?

So he could weaponize it by sending it only to red states that praise him the most, and let the rest of us go without until a lot more is produced? It would not surprise me if that were leaked out.

Legal questions regarding pardons,

Does a pardon include any crimes committed before the President took office? Does it stop for that person pardoned if he commits crimes when the President leaves office? So can a corrupt President sell pardons without consequences wiping away career criminals history letting them escape anything they've done criminally? Can a President pardon others he's involved with committing crimes , and get away with it? Or a VP if the President resigns knowing he was also involved in criminal acts with him? I think pardon powers should be challenged , and make indicting a sitting President acceptable, or the criminals will take over.

Can these states being sued by Texas counter sue them for all their legal fees

For this baseless lawsuit?

The republican party is now not just an extremist hate group , and criminal enterprise,

Its now a domestic terror group, with trump and his cronies working to incite violence against other Americans, and all republicans saying and doing nothing now are complicit. They're promoting propaganda , undermining a legally monitored election with no evidence, just propaganda. This can't be allowed and should be stopped, and trump should pay for doing this. This is organized crime against our country .
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