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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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How long before trump is threatening Supreme Court Justices publicly?

By the end of this next week he'll go on attack of them is what I think will be happening.

How long before trump is threatening Supreme Court Justices publicly?

By the end of this next week he'll go on attack of them is what I think will be happening.

Every Democrat in Congress needs to ask these questions when getting interviewed,

Why did trump and Jared get millions in stimulus, when we only got $1200 for 8 months? Also why hasn't anyone publicly called for trump to resign for his attempting to influence others with his office and power to undermine this legally conduced election, and our Democracy by committing felonies suggesting others do it for him? This is exactly why a sitting President should be indictable while serving, or he can do as he pleases illegally , and be above the rule of law. No one, not even a President should be immune from having to fear this if they choose to be a criminal.

Just a few Republicans together have more power than they think,

If they were to prevent Moscow Mitch from damaging our Democracy by telling him do as they say , or else they'll flip to a Democrat , distancing themselves from trump, him, and all the corruption their party is involved in, giving Democrats control and for protecting our Democracy from being destroyed. These few have to know no matter what they do trump is going to attack them because they aren't corrupt enough to survive being in their party much longer.

Things you can be sure of today trump will do,

He'll lie, and not a day goes by that he doesn't.
He'll repeat his propaganda over and over claiming he's been victimized, then he always projects onto others they've been victimized too and then incites them to do something for him about it
Another thing he'll do today is work to corrupt the judges, and justices with bribes, threats, or from being compromised. You can bet he's been working on Supreme Court justices for himself , and has kept out of trouble doing this, and is doing this now.
He'll accuse someone with something he's doing, and has used this tactic many, many times in the past.
He'll refuse to bring forward anything to prove what he claims is true.
He'll do something to hurt Biden moving forward hurting Americans, when he can't get what he wants ,like a spoiled brat he lashes out against others while throwing a little hissy fit.
I'm sure there's more.

trumps patterns never change,

He's doing the same thing he did before where he claimed without proof President Obama wasn't born here, he spied on him, Hillary's emails were illegal , her and Bill ran a corrupt foundation, and Biden and his son were corrupt. He uses this tactic spewing made up propaganda , then repeats it enough some people accept it as the truth, when it isn't. He does this because he's a professional conman and a polished serial liar.
He claimed he had private investigators finding all kinds of damming stuff on President Obama's birthplace , and claimed the information when exposed would be big, which he was lying knowing he had nothing. He's doing this again now with his election claims, without any proof of anything, again. He's using it to claim he and his followers are the victims, and they should send him money , again to con them for their money, and to use them after inciting them against others threatening violence. Eventually these followers are going to realize he's conning them, and they will be the ones he'll fear the most.
trump's own actions and accusations tell us what he's doing , and always has. trump's patterns of projecting onto others is just another tell, showing us how corrupt he is , and has always been. trump can't use the truth or it would expose him as the fraud, again.

Something I've been thinking about, will trump and his family flee to escape prosecution?

I've thought that they will for awhile , and now it's even more. Is this why Jared has gone again to that region, to set up a meeting so trump and the family will go to the UAE , then flee, and hide, knowing they'll be exposed for many, many serious crimes? Trump knows he and the family's last resort is to just flee. This scam he's promoting now is just another fraud to raise money for him, and not a 2024 run. He won't go to Russia because he's likely stiffing Putin with refusal to pay back his debts. I expect some meeting overseas to be announced soon , all bs, he'll use as an excuse to go there, then not return claiming again he's innocent , and the victim. Hope I'm wrong, but these people are serious criminals, and desperate.

Can a President pardon himself or others he's involved with committing crimes?

I don't think he can . He may try to , but it can't stand, or he could do anything he wants , even corrupt his elections. Can he pardon others he's involved with committing crimes. Again I think if challenged it can't stand or he could instruct them to break any laws he wants on his behalf knowing they will go scott free, letting corruption run wild using others for criminal purposes for personal benefits. It would also bypass the courts and put him, and others above the law, and make the Supreme Court powerless against corruption and criminals.
They would be idiots to rule making themselves targets for him without any consequences. They won't put the President above the rule of law, or we'll have more criminals running for office to abuse and escape justice. Even these justice should understand that.

trump is trying now to punish the GOP

By directing his followers to not vote in the GA runoff because he lost . His threats will only escalate no matter what they do, or don't do. The GOP shouldn't fear him any longer because he knows he will be going down when he gets exposed, and this is all bluster. He'll continue trying to manipulate them to do as he wants until he's exposed. The GOP will turn on him, and some of them will be exposed anyway too. Trump's I'm running in 2024 is just another scam for money. trump is now terrorizing the GOP like he's done to the American people.

With this newer reduced stimulus bill

It shows Moscow Mitch and trump are refusing to send the American people stimulus checks, and stalled anything from getting passed since March. How do I know, Moscow Mitch openly balked at doing that while trump (the serial liar) claimed he was going big, for pr. He often claims the opposite of his intentions to con people into believing he's for them when nothing could be further from the truth. This was just another trump charade, because he would be wildly ranting about this now if he really wanted it. Moscow Mitch just could care less about the American people in dire need now.
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