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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,256

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Trumps already using a PR campaign to distort the truth on his criminal investigation(s)

And claim he's the victim again, then con his followers they are too. He'll be asking them for their money again for legal costs, and his campaign, but again neither will be true. Its always another con job to grift others , make others fight for him, and some of these fools will do it.

Could the people and companies ignoring audit protocol be sued,

After taking control of their voting machines , and by refusing to abide by the rules corrupting these machines , be liable for the costs replacing them?

So, if Rudy and the big liar are found to be committing criminal acts together,

Wouldn't that revoke his attorney client privilege, and all data could then be fair game from all his devices that were seized?

If Republicans in Congress are exposed being involved in the Jan 6th attack,

After voting against the forming of a commission to investigate, then can they be charged with obstruction of justice if they're exposed from the investigation they were involved? For Conspiracy?

Are election fraud claims being used to put corrupt or corruptible voting machines of Ivankas i

Are these false claims being used to intentionally corrupt the present voting machines so they can then install ivankas chinese machines, illegally smuggled into the country with a high ranking official in the department of transportations help, which like her dad the puppet said, the Democrats had people changing them (dominion machines) before then after the election so they could remotely switch votes, then remove illegal parts destroying evidence of how they flipped results. He has often claimed things he's doing. And to use it to shake down and corrupt those candidates while profiting from it. It likely was her dads idea for these machines, and she was used , then if caught they could claim they had no clue, and it was China behind it. And why an investigation was stopped against Moscow Mitch and his wife. Maybe how Mm and others in Congress got surpringly re-elected, and are so compromised .

Is Moscow Mitch really going to be resigning because of...

He and his wife being investigated for corruption, bribes, payoffs, and campaign finance laws broken, and money laundering, and his ties to russia and others with taking and giving out money and election influence? He knows they'll both be exposed soon maybe, and will claim is health is his excuse to leave?

If the GOP in the Senate obstructs a Jan. 6th commission,

Wouldn't it be a lot less corruptible if the AG Merrick Garland appoints a special prosecutor to look into it? I would trust his choice for a fair complete investigation with a well respected special prosecutor to look into this before any Republican being involved in any way having anything to do with this process.

Putins fascist puppets are trying to corrupt election results to undermine our Democracy,

By claiming fraud to then use compromised people in the GOP into bullying state GOP election officials to promote their propaganda by having illegitimate audits , with corrupted auditors, to claim the results were rigged, and their claims putins puppet won are true. Typical fascist tactic. All while they try to corrupt others, like putns puppet is doing by threatening the 35 republicans who voted for the Jan 6 commission. By making a statement towards them he's threatening GOP Senators to vote his way, or else. Putin's puppets are conspiring to undermine an election openly now, and those involved doing this have to have severe consequences, or it'll get worse. Legislating illegitimate election audits to overturn legitimate election results should be stopped at once, and examples made of those that try doing this.

Now Liz Cheney needs to do two things,

Make sure there is more than enough votes for the Jan. 6th commission to pass, and the 5 chosen for the GOP aren't corrupted, and compromised by the orange one, and obstruct the truth and are against our Democracy, and against the rule of law. 5 ringers for him put on this panel will doom it from the start. They need to be highly respected, and honest.

McCarthy's future is over now in the House

After publicly going against having a bipartisan commission for Jan. 6th.and if he is called before them under oath he will still lie because he thinks he'll have little to no consequences for it. He will fail trying to hide the truth, and they will all be exposed. If the Democrats refuse to hold some accountable, their party will suffer from that too. How many have secretly flipped already?
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