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Member since: Mon Jan 15, 2018, 06:41 PM
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Feels like yesterday to me

I was a freshly-minted teenager around that time. While I didn't know much about John Lennon or the Fab Four, I really enjoyed playing the Beatles records (early years mop-top stuff) that I discovered in my parents' vinyl collection.

The weight of John's death hit me pretty hard the moment I saw his face front and center on the stacks and stacks of newspapers at my route's drop point... and as I delivered each paper to every doorstep that day.

"A Day In The Life" has the ability to evoke that "I remember where I was when..." feeling in all of us. Just thought I would share mine.

Thank you for posting this.

Thanks, John...!

Reminds of the low attendance (and energy)...

... at smaller venues toward the end of (spoiler alert) This Is Spinal Tap.

Devin Nunes didn't make the cut?

Let me know if I missed him in the fray there.

Otherwise, I'm hoping the Lincoln Project releases an extended dance remix soon.


Delighted to be here!

It is also illuminated...

... and can be viewed by satellite camera!


I suspected that the numbers were being fudged...

However, I hoped that this was not truly happening. Not in Florida, not anywhere. We are having enough trouble with testing to establish a base of reliable data. This is absolutely awful.

I applaud Rebekah for taking a stand, and letting the public know.

Here is a news article

Found this on CNN, dated mid-week:

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