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Member since: Wed Jan 24, 2018, 11:30 PM
Number of posts: 1,733

Journal Archives

Bibi claims "blood libel" in the charges against him

Thatís a very specific accusation that any Jew should know. (Iím not a Jew and I know it.). It has to be the most shameless argument imaginable.

What a guilty piece of shit.

The Deep State is profoundly reassuring.

We are better than Donald Trump.

Unbelievably believable

Sondland is telling us everything weíve always known to be true.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi will save the Republic

Peter Welch is a rock star.

Or he should be. Heís nailing these (and other) assholes.

Tim Morrison is a space alien

He eats French fries with a spoon.

Kurt Volker became "comfortable" with Trump's presidency

OK. Fuck him.

Bevin "Apparent Loser"

According to NBC. The biggest upset in history!

Confidential to Laura Ingraham

As Iím sure you know, Andrew Vindman has an identical twin. Isnít it possible his twin is impersonating his brother in Congressional testimony? Arenít evil twins a thing? Is it irresponsible to ask? Itís irresponsible not to.

Call their bluff

The rethugs want transparency? OK! Letís invite Bill Taylor to testify in public.

(Credit to Eli Solcol on just now with Nicolle)
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