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Member since: Wed Jan 24, 2018, 11:30 PM
Number of posts: 1,733

Journal Archives

Will Eric be speaking tonight?

Or will he be taking the Fifth?

Trump will be addressing the nation again soon!

Itís been almost 2 hours since we last got the benefit of his latest thinking.

Lie faster, lie harder!

The pResident will have his work cut out for him at the convention this week.

The distractions to the bad news haven't been coming quickly enough lately.

Ron Johnson. Lying Pig.

It's like a giant knee has been taken off America's neck

People on cable TV are smiling and happy. And nobodyís paying any attention to Mumbles the Clownís reading of Lies for a Tuesday Afternoon.

Please god, let this be the beginning of the end.

I aced my cognitive test!

I can repeat this word sequence over and over, all day long:

Reptile. Swamp. Madman. Coward. Shit-for-brains

Won't it be wonderful if...

the UK develops a vaccine that Trump canít claim any credit for?

Why has CNN started blurring the faces of Trump's Storm Troopers in Portland?

They were already unrecognizable in their generic battle gear. Is DHS or the WH asking CNN to do this? Usually faces are blurred to protect the innocent. If Trumpís troopers are operating legally, why do their faces need to be obscured?

Why is Peter Navarro bad-mouthing Dr. Fauci?

Navarro's area of non-expertise is trade, not epidemiology.
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