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Member since: Wed Jan 24, 2018, 11:30 PM
Number of posts: 1,733

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Did Brokaw just say that Nixon was different...

... because some of his top aides were on their way to prison? Trump’s top aides are *already* in prison, and more are awaiting sentencing. Has he lost his marbles? Remind me not to buy his book.

"What is at risk here is the very idea of America."

Thank you Adam Schiff. There were boos.

Kevin McCarthy?

Give me Steny Hoyer or give me death.

Lets give Liz Cheney 4 minutes!

She’s so great! And her father is a Republican god!

We have a new asshole

Chip Roy of Texas. They grow ‘em stupid down there.

Impeach Hunter Biden!

Abuse of Power Adjacency! Obstruction of Presidential Prerogatives!

So the U.S. pullout in Syria bought us almost two months!

Sure, we now face some unpleasantness against a reinvigorated ISIS, we abandoned our Kurdish allies and gave an air force base to the Russians, but that's a small price to pay to earn the thanks of Erdoğan and Putin. Trump is a genius! Who else could have pulled off a deal like that?

Bibi claims "blood libel" in the charges against him

That’s a very specific accusation that any Jew should know. (I’m not a Jew and I know it.). It has to be the most shameless argument imaginable.

What a guilty piece of shit.

The Deep State is profoundly reassuring.

We are better than Donald Trump.

Unbelievably believable

Sondland is telling us everything we’ve always known to be true.
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