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Member since: Wed Jan 24, 2018, 11:30 PM
Number of posts: 1,733

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Bloomberg can take his fucking money and shove it up my ass.


Bloomberg can take his fucking money and shove it up my ass.


Thank you to the lovely, forgiving person who just gave me another heart.

I am not worthy, but I’m grateful! Thanks.

Does anyone know what's up with posters with no journal entries and no hearts this week?

I posted something that got a couple of comments like that, and I thought they were a little strange...

Chuck Todd just said...

he thought Barr has been trying to walk a “fine line.” Bullshit! Barr threw his ample bulk as far over the line as he could manage on the day he walked the door, and has been oozing ahead for additional inches every day since.

MSNBC, shitcan Chuck Todd!


The DOJ is shocked! shocked! at Roger Stone's sentence recommendation.

How can he receive *any* jail time while Democrats walk free? It's an outrage!

The Day Democracy Died

Sung by the Founding Fathers.


They accuse us of being Trump haters

Well, fuck yeah! We're guilty! Of course we are. We're regular human beings. And if you can't find a reason to hate Trump, you're not a regular human being. You're fucked up, you're brain dead, or you aren't fucking trying. It doesn't matter.

Ruffles and Flourishes?

I've never heard it played for this piece of shit before.

Fuck him. Fuck his family, Fuck everyone in that room.

Donald Trump is a criminal.

This Constitutional exercise failed to bring him to justice, but he is nonetheless guilty of the limited crimes spelled out in the articles of impeachment. I believe he’s also guilty of virtually everything else he’s been accused of — his “university” and “foundation” were frauds, he profits by renting rooms to oligarchs and golf carts to the Secret Service at properties he should not be allowed to own, he paid hush money to porn stars, many of his top advisors are in prison is on their way and he lies every time he opens his mouth. He is guilty of everything and innocent of nothing.
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