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Member since: Fri Feb 9, 2018, 11:33 AM
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Vote Blue No Matter who in 2020

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Anyone watching the PA R Senate debate? What an insane clusterfuck.

Louis dejoy article in Bloomberg. Thoughts?


All in all a good read. I think the point it makes toward the end of the article can not be ignored, that he got the postal reform act passed that got rid of that prefunding retirement requirement, and used his political ability to get republican senators on board

Calling Omicron "mild" is misleading. My uncle just passed away from it.

The news keeps calling Omicron mild. Maybe breakthrough cases are mild if you're vaccinated?

My uncle was not vaccinated. he spent a month in the hospital before passing away this morning. He leaves behind a wife and 12 year old son. Sadly, his FB page reads like every other herman cain award too. Misinformation / fake news in Vietnamese is disgusting and fatal.

I am processing alot of emotions right now. I always had good memories with him while growing up. Basically taught me how to use MS DOS and Windows 3.1 when i was 6 years old.

I'm more sad and angry for the wife and son. I dunno what I can do to help.

Is there any documentation on how universal prek will be implemented?

My kids are 2.5 years old right now and would benefit greatly from this if it gets implemented right away but I have a feeling by the time it gets implemented my kids will probably be in high school lol

How little $/hr does one have to make in order for the "gov't handouts" to make it not worth working

So an ongoing complaint on the facebook group in my neighborhood is that the trash pickup is sometimes days behind. The company recently came out and blamed the "handouts and difficulty finding good employees". I found a job listing on indeed for the company and they seem to pay their trash collectors $100/day, which ends up being a little over $10 / hr if they worked 9 hour days (they probably work more).

all other social issues aside (child care , elder care, retraining, etc) how much money does one have to make at minimum to make it worth not having to work this kind of job? how much extra is the government handing out a month during this time? i genuinely don't know and have not seen any kind of calculator online. i want to shut these assholes down for good and am tired of hearing these boomers bitch about the trash, which i agree does suck, but the trash company really just needs to start paying more.

Is this bullshit?

One of my co workers told me he had a bad experience at cheesecake factory. Took 2 hours for the food to come out and the manager apologized and said that 3 of their cooks quit because they can make more money off unemployment right now than work.

First don't you not get unemployment if you leave your job? Second doesn't unemployment only pay a portion of your salary and cap off at a certain amount? Does the recent covid relief bill add any kickers to being unemployed right now that makes it"worth it"?

What is this controversey or nontroversy i keep seeing with Kerry on right wing news sites?

I dont frequent any right wing websites but the default homepage on my microsoft edge browser seems to pull news from all sources, left and right wing, and i keep seeing something about john kerry meeting with an iranian diplomat. it doesn't seem to be carried by any other news sources besides fux, washington examiner and newsweek. is there anything really controversial or is it bullshit?

If trump is removed by 25th amendment, can pence pardon him?


You know what's sad, Trump is one day going to tweet he received more votes in 2020 than Obama in 08

That's how fucked up this country is.

God bless Stacy Abrams. Especially if she can deliver the senate run offs.

Biden needs to give her whatever she wants. Cabinet position, resources if she decides to stay in state politics. Personally I think she should stay in Georgia to turn it permanently blue. I am loving this.
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