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Member since: Sat Feb 17, 2018, 05:45 PM
Number of posts: 448

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Bolton to Trump: Game on.

"... His reaction [to the book] thus ranged from the mean-spirited to the constitutionally impermissible. My reaction ... my response? Game on."

Behind the scenes: People close to Trump have been worried about the book because Bolton was known as the most prolific note taker in high-level meetings, Jonathan Swan reports.

Bolton would sit there, filling yellow legal pad after yellow legal pad with notes. In short: Bolton saw a lot, and he wrote it down in real time. And when he left, the White House never got those notes back.


I really hope Bolton is sincere when he says this. Can't wait to see the book!

Release date: June 23

Thank you for the new hearts!

I got four more hearts from some very sweet people.

What the heck, it seemed so irrelevant when I had none, but now ... well I've learned something about myself.

Same in return!

The medications that change who we are

This article has really disturbing implications -- a LOT of people in the US take statins. Among other things ...

"Patient Five” was in his late 50s when a trip to the doctors changed his life.

He had diabetes, and he had signed up for a study to see if taking a “statin” – a kind of cholesterol-lowering drug – might help. So far, so normal.

But soon after he began the treatment, his wife began to notice a sinister transformation. A previously reasonable man, he became explosively angry and – out of nowhere – developed a tendency for road rage. During one memorable episode, he warned his family to keep away, lest he put them in hospital.

Out of fear of what might happen, Patient Five stopped driving. Even as a passenger, his outbursts often forced his wife to abandon their journeys and turn back. Afterwards, she’d leave him alone to watch TV and calm down. She became increasingly fearful for her own safety.

We’re all familiar with the mind-bending properties of psychedelic drugs – but it turns out ordinary medications can be just as potent. From paracetamol (known as acetaminophen in the US) to antihistamines, statins, asthma medications and antidepressants, there’s emerging evidence that they can make us impulsive, angry, or restless, diminish our empathy for strangers, and even manipulate fundamental aspects of our personalities, such as how neurotic we are."


Me thinks Trump will get a new TIME cover!


I mean, how could they resist!

Fingers crossed!

Lynzy Lab performs "A Scary Time"

Trump: "It is a very scary time for young men in America".

A young woman in the US wrote a song in response to that statement. It very accurately conveys the experience of girls and women in our world. Not surprisingly it went viral, and she was invited to perform the song on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
Her lyrics are right on target.

Lynzy Lab performs "A Scary Time"

Need help finding new new posts in threads

Can someone please tell me how I can see new posts added to a thread when I return to it a second or third time? Not posts to me, just new ones.

All the comment titles are the same, new ones are not highlighted.

Much appreciated.

Is this real?

Is this where we really are? Someone please tell me this is satire.


Here we go: "Guntown", USA.

Hi. I'm new here.

Silver1, AKA hoi polloi.

Not sure what else to say except I'm happy to be here, and thank you all for being here too. I hope I never offend anyone ... I'll try my best not to. But I do intend to speak for the hoi polloi at any cost.

Lets talk while the 1st is still in place. And lets stick up for it so it stays that way unabridged.

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