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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 7,859

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One thing to get clear about the BIG money funding anti-abortion: for the wealthy,

it ain't about abortion. Abortion is an issue to get the rubes to elect Republicans. Do you really think that the likes of Charles Koch cares one shit about abortion?

The goal is to keep the attention on abortion while their legislators and S.C. rule against tax reform, Anti-O.S.H.A. anti environmental laws and so forth.

Recall when about 30 years ago, O.S.H.A. issued mega fines against Koch industries? One of the first things the present S.C. ruled, was against O.S.H.A. enforcing Covid protection.

Question about the Constitution. Dems want to codify abortion and maybe other things

like contraception, gay marriage and so forth.

The S.C. can rule on if a law of Congress is allowed within the framework of the Constitution.


If abortion was codified, why wouldn't that codification be declared unconstitutional?

For lower gas prices-would you do it?

An answer would be, "Stay At Home Sunday. One day where everyone keeps their car in the garage or on the driveway. One Sunday a month.

The problem is, not enough supply for the demand. So, lower the demand.

Would yo do it?

Anyone know the status of the burning Russian frigate?

Has it been confirmed?

Abortion is not in the Constitution. So it's not allowed?

Where does the Constitution say it isn't allowed?

I was struck by a thread this morning about Kris Kristoferson's Bobby McGee.

"I'd trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday."

That one hit home in so many ways. She's been gone for eight years now and I couldn't stop thinking about those lines all day.

It also took me to the people around me now. Today, is tomorrow's yesterday. I want that line of song to guide me to be better to the people in my life.

Absurd temptation to buy shit I don't need.

I puzzled about this, coming home from a drive to pick up my grandson from school.

I want to buy stuff I have no need for.

1. A mirrorless camera. I am a fairly good photographer.... made some money off of it and enjoy it. I have a camera which I paid $2,800 for when it was new. It works good. A mirrorless camera would change nothing about my ability to take photographs. In fact, most of my favorite photos were taken with an iPhone 5.

Yet, I still want a mirrorless. I don't expect to buy one but it is still a temptation. I look a the adverts and wonder...

2. Electric bike. I would have no use for one but I want one. No. I will not get one but I want one.

I try to understand why I want stuff.

Do you get similar urges?

What I don't get.. Why ain't Pootie worried about our "red line?"

Or maybe we ain't got one?

So did the Russian ship sink?

Last night, some reports indicated that it was on its side and then sunk.
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