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Member since: Thu Feb 22, 2018, 06:25 PM
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What is the Democratic Narrative?

Can people here > outline what the Democratic Narrative Is? or even list:

[link:https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210402680|What Do We Want

Yes, we want Trump Out, and Yes, we want Republican Out? But what is our "message to the people of the United States? And what are the Thing We Want?

If you have opposition against reading, you may skip this. (the intent is to inspire constructive thinking, about "what do we want as the Democratic Party.

It's not enough just to say, I'm a Democrat, It's not enough just to ride the incessant media coverage about Trump, because we saw, the Campaign process give him 'excessive and incessant coverage", and we are "still seeing the Media give him excessive and incessant coverage"... He's gotten by now well over many $100's of Billion worth of media coverage. One can't turn on the News without a round-table of pundits, spewing about the "drama spins" and getting caught up in the incessant distractions Trump is known to purposefully create with his tweets and the matter of his life. None of it has changed his base not one bit, and we can't be certain it has changed the many others who voted for him. His approval rating is inching up, not down.

Yet, we don't have any Democratic Front Runner -Talking about what the Democratic Narrative Is. Without a Narrative, we are not only not reaching Democrats with a Clear and Concise set of "Objectives As Democrats that we want to Implement", people have no "Off the Top of their Head understanding of what Democrats would have as Plans"....
All we have is "We want Trump Out"....

Well its time we develop a "Narrative" !!!!!

We have a continual thread list with "complaints", but very few about any substantive ideas that we want to promote to the general public in all States and All Districts.

I have a concept for Narrative:

I want restoration of our Environmental Protection Agencies Agenda to Protect American now and into the future.

I want to see a repeal and modification to the Tax Cut Legislation, to make it beneficial to the Average America, and to have incentive for Corporation to work for Tax Cut, by "investing in America", as a means to get a tax credit. ( No more wish and hope they will just magically use the current tax cuts to invest in America, because they can't be trusted to do that, HISTORY, has shown us, that when Corporate Tax is High, and Tax Credits are gained by Investing in American, that was the era that America actually grew )

I want to see a restoration of "Union Strength" in America.
I want to see our Veterans Programs Improved: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210427982
I want to see our Department of HUD, improved, to provide for Medical Student to be supported and to make efforts to help set up a 'funding program" for "Doctors to establish" -Medical Testing Facilities, where they can be assisted to create facilities with 'Multiple" "MRI" Machines, to drive down the cost, Multi CT Scan Units to drive down cost, and Multiple Ultra Sound Units - to drive down cost. Where people can go and their cost is at a rate their insurance can cover with a low fixed co-payment.
In every Major City in this country, there should be multiple facilities with "Multiple Units" and this will change the landscape of Hospitals being mainly the facility with these units, which means they control the market and keep the cost excessively high. Additional, creating and building all these units = jobs. Staffing these facilities =jobs, and creating and having these facilities means better "preventative health issue".
We must empower Nurse Practitioners to set up Clinic's that can be "Under The Guidance of a Panel of Doctors" who can verify and authorize as necessary when serious medical condition exist, ( we have internet which makes this very efficient to send and receive communications, and digital records, makes it easy for the Panel to see the same information the "Nurse Practitioners can see".
but for "Regular Medical Visits" Medical Practitioners can perform those functions. They know how to read Blood Test Result, they know how to do the basic check your blood pressure and glucose and such things, and they know how to read a digital unit that list the medication to prescribe for particular things and they can read the list that tells them what medicines have interactions with other medicines, If we did this we can reduce the cost of a Medical Visit down to $50 -75. if this is done with a $25 dollar co pay, the Insurance companies would love it, and its a "win win" for the most valuable element of our society, which is "It's People".

I want to see the Department of Education to "Make special provision for managed cost of Medical School" by working with the University system ( who gets MASSIVE Federal Grant Dollars every year; to lower the cost for Medical Education and work with HUD to help provide financing of Medical Education)
I want to see the Department of Education improve "Civics Education In All Our Educational Facilities"
1. http://www.city-data.com/blogs/blog44102-our-need-civics-education-america.html
2. http://www.city-data.com/blogs/blog37437-does-matter-helping-young-people-education.html

I want to see our nation create a massive program that "helps young people" - see Idea: http://www.city-data.com/blogs/blog37049-civic-corp-reinstate-draft-not-what.html

I want to see us develop "Health Care Programs" that covers All American, as in an "ACA Medicare" framework, and develop a program that Elderly people over the age of 65 yrs of Age who's income is less than 50K, to not have co-payment or prescription co-payments. ( 65 is the required age to sign up for Medicare)

I want to see Regulation on "Financial Industry" which are enforced and does not allow companies to buy other companies by the use of structured "debt" and using the target company as a countable asset". I want to see CEO's held accountable for "over-leveraging, over-expansion and overstocking and overburdening companies, based on "stock ticker fiction", rather than being held to focus on ACTUAL PRODUCTION/PERFORMANCE AND ACTUAL SALES... not based on 'speculation" and speculative projections. "we have quarterly reporting for the purpose to disclousure the truth of actual sales and actual production, NOT, what speculation and stock broker fiction projects.

I want to see provisions for Local and Regional Banks, to develop "Home Loan Programs", specifically for home that are under $200K. with brackets for homes under 60k with 3-4% "FIXED RATE" loans, set up to be paid off in the same time it would take to pay off a 60k automobile. This will enable us to "have homeowner invested communities" rather than decaying and expanding ghetto's. These loans are to be made available ONLY to people who are Owner?Occupiers of those homes who must remain in that home for no less than 5 yrs. Then we eliminate the "Nomadic nature" that destroys communities and unsettle youth, where they don't have continuity in school association.
To avoid excessive home inflation, any time a homes value increase by more than 7%, that it triggers a Tax Assesment Revaluation to increase the Property Taxes. This can then stop the house flipping that makes homes unaffordable to young people.

If we can have a system that is eager to sell to low income and moderate low income people, vehicles that cost 30-60-70 and provide them financing for such a "depreciating asset", then we can certainly develop means to "sell properties to them that range easily to the 60-60-80K at a Low Fixed Rate, and if we can sell those vehicles with Low to No down Payment and without a top 700+ Credit Score, then certainly we can do the same for "Owner Occupied Homes", that will appreciate over time, not depreciate and certainly not with the rapidity of vehicle.
We can change the abusive gaming of 30 yr mortgages, where the cost of the loan over the life of the loan exceed the actual value of the home in some case by 3 times or more. We can shorten the term of Home Loans, and make them a-similar to vehicle Loans. THEN, people can pay off the home and be in a better position to save more for their children education and their own retirement.

I want to see "HUD" use the FHA to be the lender for Homes that are under 350K- with a Fixed Rate that cannot exceed 4%.. this will "take the banks out of the business of handling any home that is below 350K, and the profit gained will strengthen HUD... not feed money into the hands of Banks, that use the power of that money to fleece our people. Any Home over 350K can be handled by the Banks, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO ASSISTANCE FROM FHA, OR ANY GOVERNMENT SUPPORT, NOT FROM FANNIE MAE OR FREDDIE MACK... THIS will FORCE banks to be responsible with the Mortgage Loan of those who us Banks to Finance their homes. They won't be so eager to "gamble with their own money" when they know there will NOT be a Government Bail Out waiting for them, when they callously gamble the money away. They will be foced to be RESPONSIBLE in how they handled their Mortgage Backed Lending.

We scream and claim we are upset about the break down of America, but we won't make and push measure and policies that support a cessation to the break down, by making sure our communities again become "owner vested occupied".

I want to see a Full On Respect and Regard for Diversity in All Areas Of American, both Socially, Civic-ally, and Economically.

I want to see the people who are dependent on Public Service who could otherwise work if they had available jobs, to be able to use those public services AND work a job that pays up to 10-12, for up to 24 months, with a mandatory structure that 20% of that earned money goes into a saving account, where they have stability funds after 24 months and can CONSTRUCTIVELY move themselves off of public assistance programs. During this Time, that job they work, has a tax limit, where no more than 5% Federal and 3% State Taxes can be deduced from their Income during this period. During this period of "Programming", we must limit the ability of such participants from being encumbered with vehicle loans for vehicles that cost more than 25K. This helps promote the "Responsibility For Stability".

This nation will NEVER give Reparations to Minorities and Poor White who have been constructive disenfranchised for Centuries and Decades, but this is a means to help them join into the ranks of American Prosperity and Stability as American Citizens. Hell, we give more than that to Refugee and Other Nations as Foreign Aid,
Surely we can do something to Help the American People, who were subjected to the vile of Segregation and Disenfranchisement and to the Poor whites who were used as Pawns to promote racism and a unwarranted contempt that promotes dissension and disunity, as a tool used against society by the supporting drama from the wealthy, as a means was assured to keep wages low and denied them the means by constructive process to find means to meet the American Living Standards.

I want to see "Community Colleges Restored to How they Were Originally Designed to Operate" and "I want to see "Vocational and Technical Training- Set to a level where a Pell Grant will cover 50% of its cost, by making the cost lower, where graduates and people who earn certification will have no more than maximum $4-5K of debt when they complete the program.
I want to see "State Universities Restored to Original Design" before :Ronald Reagan Screwed It Up as a means to block progress for Minorities and Poor Whites !!!!! https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ684842.pdf

I want to see "Gun Control Legislation" that does not permit "Assault Weapons in the Hands of Citizens', and Limit Magazine size for hand guns, and any other kind of Gun, and a "Panel that Manages What is Suitable As a "Hunting Weapon".. ( we no longer need citizens Armed to a level based on a past history before we had the many branches of Military and Law Enforcement that we have today, we don't need average citizens prepared to become militia, without being inducted into a branch of the Military. We need to limit the caliper of weapon that is suitable for Citizen Ownership, and ban any and all Armour Piercing Ammo from being owned by Citizens. The only allowable carrying of a weapon outside of the home, is either for "hunting' or for "handguns, by having a permit to do so".

I want to see FEDERAL AND STATE Campaign Financing, even if it means, every citizen pays $5-10 a year into a fund, to help support this. or a 1-2 cent national sales tax, SPECIFICALLY for Campaign Financing, which cannot be "mis apporiated by any congressional acts. With a "fixed amount" for Federal National Offices, and a "fixed amount for State and Local offices, based on the population of the State or Local.

I want to see a 5 year established Panel, with the tax, to go through our Laws and SCRUB out every law that was designed and promoted and implemented based on American's Racist History, ( We have enough "high performance data systems and most all laws both Federal, State and Local is now in "Data Base Format" which means, we can use technology to do this expediently and efficiently"

I want to see A MODIFICATION to the 13th Amendment !!!!! https://www.democraticunderground.com/1105732

I want to see a firm and clear Amendment that GUARANTEE "EVERY AMERICAN" THE RIGHT TO VOTE... no more of this game of kicking the can down the road, 10 feet at a time.

I want to see a "removal of the label of "Felon" from Non Violent Criminals, after they have done their time, and been provided quality training and quality rehabilitation. We need to ABOLISH For Profit Prisons, and any Prison that Farms out Prisoner for Private Industry Usage, "must be paid no less than the minimum wage' and that money is to be placed in a fund, where a portion is used for "restitution of anyone or anything they damaged", and a portion set aside so when they are released it goes to a managed program, that pays their rent and food and affords public transportation expense, while they find a job, and this can be handled via their Parole System. When their parole is up, any remaining funds are released the the person. during their term if prison, that money can be used to back "Municipal Bonds" that have a term set, based on their release, for any people who have a mandatory 20 yr or more sentence. Those who imprisoned for Life, the money in their fund, pays restitution for damages, and goes to assist their family and children if they have any, if they have none, then the money goes to "youth program funds'... to be managed by Health and Human Services Specifically for Youth Non Profit Programs.

Social Security Program is not a "piggy bank for congressional gaming" - This is the peoples money, and that money should be used to back "Municipal Bonds" which helps cities and municipalities, which is the communities of the people. Social Security Monies are not to be used for and Foreign Immigrants who have not worked and contributed into the Social Security System. Any assistance to immigrants must be done by Federal and State Funds for a special fund set up for Immigrant Assistance.

I would like to see "Fixed Cost" established for "Emergency Hospital Visits"... this work is handled by "salary and hourly paid staff"... there is NO Justification for the Egregious Cost Structure Currently in Place. The same goes for Pharmaceuticals, who use "Federal Grant Money and University Grant Money in their development of Drugs", therefore, Drugs Prices should be Managed by a Federal Agency, to establish cost and establish term of patents, "They have Fleeced the Public Long Enough.
We need to consider Legislation that Drugs Developed in America are Manufactured and Produced in America On American Soil, by American Workers.

We need to establish "TERM LIMITS" FOR POLITICIANS... if any Politician has special skills after their Term, they are eligible to register and be evaluated for a role as "consultant", with nominal pay rate, as a public service consultant. Not as part of any Private Consultant Firm with their outrageous fees and agenda.
Federal and State Campaign Financing will "Eliminate" Lobbyist buying away the voice of the people. Any bills or measures put up by Corporations must be reviewed by a Public Panel of 13 citizens, who have no role in public policy and political related jobs


Now... As a Democrat who supports the Democratic Party.... "What Do You Want"?
Posted by Civic Justice | Fri Mar 30, 2018, 11:48 AM (55 replies)

"HIT A REPUBLICAN IN "THE POCKETBOOK" and they will "Eat Their Own Young to save their money.

Ingram's Apology comes on the eve of "Holiday's Advertising Week" - where networks expect a windfall. Other than that, she meant what she first said... because its not the first time her character has been exposed !!!! For money she wants to now cover herself with lamb's wool.... to hide the Real Wolf... she is.

Let's not be duped again!!!

Call this "Holy Week" Ingrams speaks of as exactly what it is in the Evangelicals Sector as "money week" which is the focus of Republicans White Evangelicals!

To them "Easter" will be measured by "Sales Revenue" and "Offering Plate Collections" and "Contributions" "how much "Easter Bunny Decorations and Products" sold ..... Very little about "Christ" and the Real Values of Christ.

( I respect Gods Truths but I do not care for the vile of abuse of people faith in Gods Truths)
Posted by Civic Justice | Thu Mar 29, 2018, 03:24 PM (0 replies)

People Should Be Concerned - PROTECT THE VETERANS AND VA Hospitals from Republican Madness

I don't advocate him wasting money on his personal escapades.

but, I certainly have positive concerns about the validity of his statement:

"Shulkin said he was under pressure by forces in the Trump administration that want to privatize his now-former agency. He dismissed privatization as a “terrible idea.”

“They saw me as an obstacle to privatization who had to be removed,” he wrote, without naming his critics. “That is because I am convinced that privatization is a political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits, even if it undermines care for veterans.”

The VA under Trump who said he would take care of Veterans, "fired many of the attorney's whose job is to settle VA Claims and Cases, resulted to "cut the staffing, and toss all those cases in a que, with no timeline for addressing them".

If he cared to respect Veterans, some of that $700 Billion would have been "set aside to settle claims and cases", They could have set aside easily $1-2 Billion, even up to $5-7 Billion to ensure that expedient settlements are paid to Veterans. specifically to "Rapid Settlement of Claims", and they could have sent out and order, that "Regional Counsel's CANNOT summarily dismiss claims as a means to get them off their desk", and pass it on in a system they know will "stall out the veteran's".

Many people have no idea what takes place with the claims processes. Regional Counsel's will Summarialy Decline Them, because they don't want it attributed to their Division, so they still get their "bonuses". Bonuses should be Outlawed within the VA system, because it is nothing more than an "incentive" not to treat Veterans Fairly and Equitably, nor to give the best treatment that is available to Veterans.
People need to be aware of this gaming of the system.

The wealthy who back Trump including the Medical Community who was bought out and promised many things by Republican if they 'stand against ACA", are in line waiting on "privatization" as their compensation for their stand against ACA. People need to be aware of the shenanigans that has taken place in our system, and how Republican are on the hook to "make good on the promises they made to the Medical and Pharmacy and Insurance Industry for their participation to attack ACA.

These are your children and Family Members whose lives have been damaged by acts and actions not only of the War Driven Minded people, but how they have systematically set up, to "pay bonuses" to VA Directors who can "under-serve Veterans and Maliciously Doctor the Documents to push inaccurate data, and even delete data that demonstrates the real truth.
Many Veterans from the 1970's have been told there was a fire that destroyed documents, so many of these veterans have no recourse, even from the "practicing on Veterans, by Dentist who drilled and filled peoples teeth, which fell apart a few years after their term and discharge was done. Millions of Veterans, had work done that was unnecessary, and many have suffered many years by being used for "practice purpose" by those in these fields.

ANY ATTEMPT TO PRIVATIZE THE SYSTEM SHOULD BE MET WITH CHALLENGE. Yes, people should have options to go to the closest doctor, and if that means a phone call for approval, then properly "staff the call center", with people who can authorize it, when it is an emergency.

People should be Concerned - PROTECT THE VETERANS AND VA Hospitals from Republican Madness

Posted by Civic Justice | Thu Mar 29, 2018, 10:04 AM (9 replies)

What do you think?

Posted by Civic Justice | Mon Mar 26, 2018, 06:04 PM (5 replies)



"We cannot again afford to "DIVIDE THE VOTE", nor have people REFUSING TO VOTE.... we see what happen in 2016, The Divided Vote Damaged America by Allowing Trump to Gain Office.

Please see the link above, and understand how the damage was done, that resulted in the Trump Mess We Have Today. .

The New Dawn of "Young People" - and Their Voices being Respected In Our Society

Trump knew "The Kids Were Coming", So he "ran like hell as far away from them as he could get" to get out of Washington, DC.

It's an "Outrageous Atrocity" the amount of money he has cost us in his continual visits to promote his facility and waste time on his private golf course.
If only we could make his Reimburse America, for EVERY Trip he has taken to his properties, and for every penny his property bills the government for the staff and security to stay there.

The good that Trumps has done for America is to wake up people's passions with understanding of the "True and Full Exposure of The True Vile Nature and Mentality of Republican Ideals, and their Lack of Integrity and how Void they are of "Honor". why is this good? Because it exposed the Republicans in ways, they can no longer push smoke and deception, drama and fiction, and diversions and denial and dupe the people with their drama antics.

American's are no longer willing to be 'hoodwinked or confused nor misled by Republican Led "vile gamesmanship". Beyond, that... he's the greatest disaster upon this nation, in this second decades of the 21st Century.

We've seen and continue to see Republican's "Rubber Stamp" madness in every way, including excessive lying and stonewalling Congressional Hearings, to the Russian Co Opting Against America's Security by His Administration Pandering to Putin; to incessant "attacks" upon and against EVERY Element of Our America's Governance System and The Policies of Our Organizations, Departments and Divisions. We've seen his purposefully damage by any means he can to relations with our Allies, and promoted contempt toward NATO and the United Nations.

The other is benefit of his presence, is a more clear and concise exposure of the Right Wing's Bias and Bigotry, Race and Ethnicity Prejudices! although, we saw the tip of it, during the Tea Party, but he has brought full exposure of the whole of it, from the Evangelical's Rubber Stamping of every kind of belligerent and vile thing which has dominated the news, by the disclosures of his conduct which never would have been before accepted in our Executive Offices and Executive Administrators. "They Can NEVER hide again" !!!! They can never again push the fictional gaming of claims they are Fiscal Responsible, when WE watch hiM "waste taxpayer dollars flying around promoting his properties and visiting them, as if he's some "1960's Jet Set Playboy"; to the massive burden they placed on Future Generations with his Massive Tax Give Away to the Wealthy, to his attacks on the environment, to even the disrespect of animals on domestic and foreign soil, with his allowing "trophy hungers" to kill for sport and being back the heads of animals, even some that are near extinction; shows a vile disregard of life of our various animal species.

The YOUNG PEOPLE of Today, have not only inspired the High School Student, they have inspired the Middle School and Grade School, and it won't be that much longer before the "University Students" join in with resounding presence. It has restored "voice to young people" !!!

The Movement", will find means to dismiss the Republican (Confederate Styled Idealist) from our not just our Federal Governance, but it will take place in State and Local Governance as well. The long history of prejudiced based "Cut Everything" mentality that has driven Republican's and damaged America from every city, town and this nation... is meeting the fate of American people, who are "now awakened with motivations to push change".

When President Obama, ran on "CHANGE"... it was attacked by every means from the very start, Republican's took a Pledge NOT TO DO THEIR JOBS, AND TO ATTACK ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING PRESIDENT OBAMA PROPOSED. We can't let Selective Amnesia make us forget that. While President Obama fought to save and resurrect our Economy, Republican led criticism and attacks at every step of that hard working process Obama invested himself to achieve. They claim he did not keep promises, but they NEGLECTED to take heed and not, that he had to first focus on "fixing the mess Republican left upon him and this nation, YET... he still pushed ahead to implement programs that benefit America people.

He certainly Did Not Run from the Tea Party... and certainly did not run away from the voice of the people. He did not cave into to Republican's want to create new Wars' in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and other War Escalations that Republican Tried to Force him to indulge. They called him "weak", BECAUSE he promoted Diplomacy, and healed the wounds that had made distance with our Allies from the GHW Bush's manner of forcing them to back his administrations Invasion of Iraq.

President went to Embrace the Families and Children of "Sandy Hook"... and republican fought every element of aims and efforts to enact common sense gun laws.

The Good Thing Today is the YOUNG PEOPLE are determined to "Promote Change", they will pick up were Obama promoted Change, and they have reached back to embrace the things Martin Luther King, Jr. said... more than 50+ yrs Ago.
These young people came "unified across every element of diversity"... they came, with the backing of their parents and the masses of people from their parents generation, who have been stymied by Republican led divisiveness and putting the selling of public voice representation to any business that would "pay a campaign contribution" and they sold themselves to any business who put money in their "piggy bank".

These kids gave new voice to America, and awakened the Voice even more so in their parents and those of their parents generation. It also, helped open the minds of people to truly understand that "Black Lives Matter" as being about police use of gun violence against minorities, as well as to stand and promote the "Values" that All Lives are Within America. They stood up and showed America, that it can no longer discount and discredit the ideals and values within our youth. They have made a step that never again, will the young people be Ignored, whether they are below voting age or just becoming of voting age. THE YOUNG PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT is restoring the principles that "All American lives are of value, and the voice of "All Americans is Important, not just the lives and voices of "people" over the age of 18.
This will carry forth into our Education system, where the Education Administrator can no longer dismiss the voices of the students about what they see as being of importance.

Hopefully it too fuels a new understanding of how to respect the voices of students in what it means to be part of the education system. They will no longer accept being looked at as being remanded to a position of being voiceless. So... to school boards across the nation, it is in their best interest to listen to students. Hopefully, it will lead to "Student Representatives from the Student Body as having seats on the School Board". Hopefully, it leads to "Student Representatives having Voice within the Department Of Education to Address Funding and to Stop Playing games with "Test Scores" based on who can produce the most "Rote Memorization Robots", to actually allowing Education to REGAIN, the ability to have classrooms that embrace, "inquiry" without being ridiculed and labeled as disruptor's, and allow Students in the classroom to pose the questions of "Who", "What", "When", "Where", "How" and "Why" as well as "Why Not".

Trump can Run, but he can't run far enough to get away from this movement. CHANGE IS HERE:

The New Dawn of "Youth" - and Their Voices being Respected In Our Society

This Link provides - A Good Read, as to how we became a society to "disrespect the voices of young people"

What we've seen in this Young People Created March, on March 24th, should awaken society to the value of young people, and cease our aims to "discredit their voices".
Posted by Civic Justice | Sun Mar 25, 2018, 11:27 AM (2 replies)

What Do We Want?

Many people want Change... but what do people really want and how do they identify what they want.

President Obama offer change, and before he could get his Presidency started the economy collapsed in on itself. Yet, between the focus to not just fix the economy, it was to put in safeguard to avert it happening against. It was "massive Work". (Too many people live with a premise of "selective amnesia" ) as if they did not remember the massive job losses, banks not lending, auto industry on the brink of disaster, and foreclosure making massive homeless and job losses by the 10's of thousands, people's pensions wiped out, people 401k hit like a pulverizing machine too assault upon them. Yet, the more he moved to fix these things in the economy, while at the same time "pushing for better public systems and societal benefits', the minute people saw signs of recovery, the "faded away, and many left his hanging on his own", when they allowed the Midterms to come and devastate his goals with the allowance of a "do nothing republican congress". Who attacked him from every angle.
Still he pushed legislation, We got the Health Care Bill passed, and it would have been even better if people had not allowed the elements to be denied during passage, then he withstood 6 yrs of Republican Attacts, Law suits and EVERY thing Republican could do to try and defeat it, including promising Insurance and Medical Organizations, many things if they help make it more difficult for the program to spread and cover more people.

He pushed for equal pay for women, and forced through the higher minimum wage for any entity that gained Federal Contracts.
On the Global Stage he pushed hard for "DIPLOMACY TO LEAD" and people called him weak, because he cared more about the integrity and dignity of how we relate with other nations, rather than "Bully Talk and Sledge Hammer Tactics". He pushed for clean energy and big energy attacked by every means they could... Still... we sat back, did not vote, and sadly too many other Democrats sat idle and would not push to support each other, with the determination that republican do to support each other. And Republican got the Control over Congress. As a result, We have at the very least 40 yrs, of a Right Wing Minded Supreme Court Justice, when Republican would not address Obama's Nominee. We sat idle, as if to be unaware that Supreme Court Justices make decisions that impact generations to come, and we allowed the Court to get more to the Right.

Obama was nothing like Trump, Obama did not say, "he alone can do everything", He said, TOGETHER, We can make change, and people became passive, with a delusions that "since the First Black Man was president, everyone could just relax back and ride the tide. The people attacked him, saying he did not do anything for black people. Yet the same people black and white saying that, "knew if he had made single focused promotion of black concerns", white society would have attacked every aspect of it, not just Right Republican, But Right Democrats as well. How do we know this to be true, all we have to do is look at the long history of Attacks upon "Affirmative Actions"... When it was well known that it was established to deal with the covert means that Discrimination was being enacted to skirt the Civil Rights of Equality.

I made a post about the 13th Amendment, and pointed out the language that never should have been within it, and pointed to the damages it has caused, and out of over 400 people reading it, it received 11 rec's.

Yet, its something within that Amendment that impacts black and white lives and our general society, as well as leaves the means for Slavery to still exist. It's an Atrocity, that such language can exist in our American Democracy within our United State Constitution in This Day and Age. Not only did that number of people visit the post, none has one single comment concerning the matter - yet, someone within their expanse of their family lineage has been impacted and subjected to the vile of that language being embedded into an Amendment, that was to proclaim Freedom from Slavery and Involuntary Servitude existing within these United States, where in this nation, Democracy has its strongest foundation within the "equality of its Citizens".

Thus so, the Title of this Post is quite befitting: WHAT DO WE WANT? ( As Democrats)
Are there some that want the same society in white American that existed in the 1950's and 1960's ? Only you know within yourself what is really true. How much change do you want, and how much true equality do you want within that change?

I'm not concerned with who likes me for what I write, I'm concerned about "Truths" that are necessary to be faced. This lackadaisical quandary we've found ourselves, with the assumption that everything will just automatically be alright, is one of the greatest detriment to the Party, as well as society. That is evidenced in the Low Voter Turn Out, in a nation where people have fought for the right to vote, and poor whites had to fight a different fight to vote for whom they desired. Many have no thoughts that in decades past, poor whites were under duress to vote for whom the Job owner wanted them to vote for, or they risk loosing their job if they were discovered to vote differently.

It's wake up time.. Truly Waking Up, not just walking around because our eyelids are open, but Openness of Mind to Think beyond the challenges of short attention spans. WHAT DO WE WANT?

WE have many people who put their hat and hand into the Democratic Political System for Offices, the question is, why do they have to fight so hard to get Democrats to come out and vote? Why do we allow them to get caught up in "gunslinger politics" against Republican Rivals who love controversy, because they have no policies that truly respect the people as priority number one.. We need not want or need to see our Democratic Political Candidates having their narrative CONTROLLED as if they need to respond to Republican Contention Making Madness. We need our Democratic Political Candidates to talk about the "issue" and "what do we want" and how they can push to make it happen. We need our Democratic People to know what are the Details of how our Candidate propose to achieve the things they say, and what is necessary from us to help them achieve what we agree to of what they propose. Marching is great and does its duty, but what matters is "what motivates people to go to spend 15 minutes or even a couple to a few hours out of a year, to go and cast a vote".

When our young people turn 18 not only within Party Outreach but within families and social circles voting should be a premier topic, as well as discussing the issues that are of concerns in the time of now and the coming future.

This is how we take back America from the 100's of years of our system having been hijacked by the wealthy and the industrialist who turned the campaigning program, into nothing but a "money burning game"... which enriches the wealthy while it feeds drama and fiction as entertainment to the people.

We see it in Commercial News, they no longer can report the news, they've turned it into "Shows", with a rotating table of talking heads, all leading to a cycle of "Commercial Advertisement". They spin Drama on Three Day cycles, into madness making idiocy, until people no longer want to turn it on for Information, they turn away from it, because its people posturing for a pay check and to keep their network in pursuit of an Annual Award. One can turn on a channel, and they have 4 different shows, "all spinning the exact same "spin cycle as the next" and never delivering the real information, or details so people can make informed choices.

The question to all of us, myself included.... WHAT DO WE WANT?

ANYONE take a chance... List some of the things you "truly want" for America's Future and the Future of our Society and the Future of our Governance System ?

Posted by Civic Justice | Fri Mar 23, 2018, 05:18 PM (12 replies)

Let's Start by Fixing the 13th Amendment

13th Amendment:
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

THIS PART NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED > (except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted) Let's stand as Democrats and Get it REMOVED.

13th Amendment should read as follows:
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

THIS IS precisely why the Prison system and the Justice System use Judicial Process based on black codes and Jim Crow scamming of the law to seek out any means to "incarcerate blacks". Prison's in America is Big Business for the system as well as for a great many, who profit from Prisoner Labor, and now "For Profit Prisons Facilities" run by corporations, and guess who own's those corporations ??????????

It's time this Nation Give Up On Methodology of Making Slavery.... It profits a few in a select group and the unnecessary language of trying to have a "back door" to prolong methods of slavery, is destructive to the nation, and damages our society, our financial responsibility as American citizens and serves to enrich those who profit from this form of continuing slavery. Be full well aware people, the poor whites who are "indentured" by lifelong debt and the same low wages as blacks and other minorities, are members of the Indentured, who equally so are made to give "involuntary servitude" as a form of "ongoing slavery.


When we address THIS issue as this GIANT Elephant.... which everyone can see and many try and pretend its not there.

We will be AMAZED AT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTER TURN OUT, Because people can understand what this means and they can SEE Democrats Addressing and STANDING TO CORRECT the Wrongs, Interjected into the 13th Amendment, Its something that has been LONG neglected.

When we fix this, then we can go State by State and fix the twisted laws that were devised under the Slavery's System and under the Black Codes and Jim Crow ERA...... !!!!!

Now, let's see if we really are going to truly stand up and be The Party we All say we want to be.

This is not just a black issue, it's poor white issue as well. - will we promote progressive values and fiscal responsibility, because this ISSUE has infected how our legal system functions and how it impacts the fiscal conditions of this nation and all working class people, working poor, blacks, whites and others, and the dire poor, it totally devastates.

If we want to take back Congress, then let's have some change agenda firmly in place, and the people WILL come out and Vote.
Posted by Civic Justice | Thu Mar 22, 2018, 08:08 PM (2 replies)

"THEY'VE" played for the "Back door to Slavery" embedded in the 13th Amendment.

13th Amendment:
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

THIS PART NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED... (except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted)

THIS IS precisely why the Prison system and the Justice System use Judicial Process based on black codes and Jim Crow scamming of the law to seek out any means to "incarcerate blacks". Prison's in America is Big Business for the system as well as for a great many, who profit from Prisoner Labor, and now "For Profit Prisons Facilities" run by corporations, and guess who own's those corporations ??????????


As Democrats who stand on the platform for human rights and civil rights, and equality... Then the stand needs to start at 'RECTIFYING THE LANGUAGE OF THE 13TH Amendment TO REMOVE the phrase ((except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted) THEN, we can work to nullify the laws that were constructed to fulfill that means of enslaving people!!!! And then, we take the profit motive out of it... and The system then becomes one of Rehabilitation for those crimes that one can be rehabilitated from.... which means, education and no life long label as a felon holding people back and promoting recidivism.

President Obama understood this, but with his hands tied, he did push to get the "felon" box taken off of many employment applications, BUT... with background checks, people just get the info another way and still deny people suitable jobs to sustain themselves.

There's a reason a black man get's shot in his own back yard, while the Holmes guy comes out of a theater in Denver after having killed a mass of people, and received not one bullet, but 20 rounds were fired upon the man in his back yard, just this week.

American history of full of white male dominated system, who wrongly takes the disposition, they can "ration our rights and equality to blacks and women"... as if he is the controller of American Citizens.

People should really read the stat's on Crime from the FBI site... it is very different than the public promoted narrative.

People complain because I write long posting, but I talk about the "elephant" in the room, which many claim they know of, but pretend its not really there.

I did not come to this site, just as some "Rubber Stamper of Democrats- with one liner comments"... I come to address the reality and spirit of Truth, that as Democrats that MUST be address, supported and promoted... Not just for campaign slogans, or vote getting games, but to be "sincere backer" for Truth, Justice, Equality and the Freedoms and Opportunities As Americans.

I dealt with the Conservative Republican Backlash on City Data, and called them on their stuff, and most fade away when truth hits the script. Here, it seems people want to have too much "slap stick, as if everything is going to be all right, as a status quo, as long as we vote. Yes, the Vote is definitely important, but what we vote for in principles is of even greater importance, then it will be less trouble getting people to the polls, because they will understand exactly what they are voting for, which is the change that is needed.

The only thing gets that done is "STOP IGNORING THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" AND IGNORING THE PACK OF ELEPHANTS THAT ARE SURROUNDING THE BUILDING !!!!! to do that.. means to have dialog and face the truths, then stand to promote truths.
Posted by Civic Justice | Thu Mar 22, 2018, 04:50 PM (1 replies)

Individuals can FORGET about PRIVACY -we live in a Tech Society entrenched in "Selling of People"!!!

All of us can FORGET about PRIVACY.... it no longer exist in ways we once thought it did.
The standard privacy statement is nothing but a 'legal dodge" for the acts of profiling people and selling them.

It took Facebook to loose $60 Billion - To Expose The Expanse of "Selling of People"!!!
Facebook's slide cost Mark Zuckerberg $6.06 billion in one day.


It took this kind of loss, before they fess up that they will try to protect people. One has to wonder is that only a kneejerk response, due to massive money loss. Or will they change? Likely they won't change, because their business is not what it started out to be. It started out being a site for University People to Communicate. It became a business, BASED ON SELLING people.... "by Profiling People" and selling that data to ANYONE who will pay, and then it became and Advertising Machine, targeting Ad's to people based on not just their profile; it included "profiles of anything people say, anyone they befriend" and anyone they post picture of. Then... they went into "tagging people" in pictures, many who had no idea that being tagged made them "advertising targets and used as a product to anyone who wanted data to profile people even more specifically.

It went into using ALL THOSE CATEGORIES OF PROFILES, for EACH person who uses Facebook, and anyone they know, and anything they say, and pictures they post, to Profile them for "Political Manipulations" and Anything Else purchasers choose to do with that data. They took it even further, to use the many profiles, to target people based on the district they are from, and target the districts anyone they are connected to.

It used the "Like" button, to add another means of Profile. Each person, may be profiled 1000's of ways, until the individual, probably has no idea, how many thousands of ways they have been profiled, especially to the "thousands, and 10's of thousands or maybe the millions of Organizations, that "bought that data" and added their own additional profiling.

We can never escape what has been done, its not only on the multitude of Facebook's servers, and their many backs, ups, its on the servers of everyone they sold data to, and many who bought it, are likely also secondary sellers of that data to "all" their affiliates.

It has to be the most INTRUSIVE and ABUSIVE misuse of people than anyone truly acknowledges. Its a form of "selling people" with the claim of providing them a "communication service".

If it was an honest company that respected the premise it claimed when it started. NONE of its Data would have been for sale to any organization, advertising and marketing firms, nor to any Political Data Collectors.

I avoid any site that "requires me to use a Facebook log on"... not that it does any good, because "google" does the exact same kind of thing in the same ways Facebook does. Industries within a Category, Mimic what others do in that Category.

These sites likely have their means to do such things as well... by the "commentary" we post. I make effort that I post has a basic theme of premise, and that Premise is "How do we make America Better, How do we make Democracy Better, and How do we promote Civics education, and How do we understand history to improve our future, and how do we call out vile and misuse and abuse for what it is, when we see it. That means, how do we improve the character, dignity and integrity within our society"

but no matter what we do, "we are cooked duck" 'served up Millions of Ways, because we all use "Internet" and "cell phone" and "apps" and 'streaming services" as well as the swipe cards at the various stores that 'almost demand that we have one, or we pay more, and all of that goes through many server(s).

Facebook is only a fractional part, we suffered the results of hacking on the Credit Agencies, and they will never tell us the truth of how much of that data was stolen and we will "NEVER" know how many places and ways it was and still is being sold.

With this kind of Data being sold, we can be assured "Russia" has bought all it wanted. (we have no means to know how much data and what kind was transferred to Russia, by all the "Trump People" who tried to get "back door communications with Russia"

If people Remember, when "Trump Tried To "Get Voter Data from All States" -we don't know all of their real plan for abusing that data.

Then tried to get Data on Hispanic People:



With the use of technology and its many types of "bots" and "AI" - We don't stand a chance, we are profiled so many ways, until we'd be unrecognizable even to ourselves, if we knew the many many profiles that have been framed of us. Phones track everywhere we go, either by google or cell tower pings, and anyone can look at anyone's home with google maps street view, besides the many cameras in some cities that are using facial recognition software, and with "fingerprint sign in", who know how get access to those fingerprints.

We are a society blinded by the technology and its functions, until we have no idea that "PRIVACY" no longer exist !!! Then we now have people with "camera monitoring INSIDE THEIR HOMES" and "these "Ask SIRI" and other units that is constantly listening. Even "Smart TV's" with camera and microphone built it".
Maybe people need to watch the movie "Snowden", to look at the advanced means of remote activation's, along with none of us, constantly is looking up, so we have no idea how many drones fly gathering data, not to mention the high resolution satellites, owned by various entities and the government.

It's not the Old Days Anymore of Wired Telephones and Radio's. The AGE of Information - is about "us" and data profiling of "us". Privacy is now made into an illusion.....

ATM cards track everything purchased and what of monies people have or deposit and spend... even cameras capture cash transactions. I've seen people use an ATM card to purchase a package of chewing gum.

People Living OFF the Grid with No electronic and digital units has the closest thing to Privacy that exist in today's world, and they too have to "shop somewhere".
Posted by Civic Justice | Thu Mar 22, 2018, 01:01 PM (0 replies)
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