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Profile Information

Name: Wade
Gender: Male
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Home country: USA
Current location: San Jose, CA
Member since: Fri Feb 23, 2018, 05:26 PM
Number of posts: 1,294

About Me

I am an aging cynic looking to be inspired.

Journal Archives

To me, the Bolton hire means Kelly is gone soon

He couldnít stand Bolton and banned him from visiting Trump. Now Trumpís floating having no chief of staff. Apparently Trump WONíT listen to the generals as heíd promised.

Real Dem heroes would refuse to sign off on spending bill unless Trump agrees to rid us of Bolton

It is that serious.

So with tariffs and rise in interest rates, well get twin taxes of inflation and higher cost of

money. Add to that the eroding of affordable insurance and reduction in 401k valueóthe average middle class American is being fucked by Trump.

So will Trump nuke Iran or North Korea?

Or San Francisco?

Is there something up with Bolton and McMaster? Cant seem to find a thread on it

The brainiac who said Bomb bomb bomb Iran may get his wish

I never watch FuckedNews. What has been net effect of no Roger Ailes and OReilly

And to a lesser extent Megan Kelly and Gretchen Carlson?

I was expecting more fratricide.

I know they have been losing in the ratings which is good. Any opinions?

Arent we forgetting how all the firing of Trump campaign managers went?

I thought his campaign was a dumpster on fire heading over the cliff after he fired Manafort.

Letís not be too hasty in writing Trumpís obit just because heís changing out his attorneys.

Round up of articles on #deletefacebook. Many are surprisingly snarky about it

Fortune magazine article about #deletefacebook


Washington Post--Should I delete Facebook?


Slate--The problem with #deletefacebook


NYT--Want to Delete Facebook? You can Try...


Scary read from New York Magazine re:Trump the Unrestrained

And how Year 2 is leading to an emboldened Trump who is throwing off advisors and trying to enact his shitty and crazy agenda which is likely to see us back as a nation or prompt a serious geopolitical crisis.

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