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Profile Information

Name: Wade
Gender: Male
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Home country: USA
Current location: San Jose, CA
Member since: Fri Feb 23, 2018, 05:26 PM
Number of posts: 1,294

About Me

I am an aging cynic looking to be inspired.

Journal Archives

I wonder if Hope Hicks is Trumps deepthroat

The media has gotten some really good insider stuff from the WH long after suspected leakers Bannon and Priebus we’re gone.

Now that Mueller’s revealed so much about what he knows she may not feel safe.

EVERYONE in foreign governments is getting on record. SOMETHINGs UP

It’s like the chatter among back channel networks is furiously reporting on the climax of the Trump/Russia investigation.

The Nobel Peace Prize nomination fraud, German admission they were hacked by Russia, resignations—it feels like the world is preparing for a major Trump crash and burn.

Wonder if everyone in the WH gets that if Mueller is asking a question at this point

He already knows the answer and is just seeing what you will say.

Also wonder how many around Trump are wearing FBI wires. The FBI and CIA loathe this piece of shit!

Perfect solution for protection of our young ones in school.

We need armed guards and teachers, metal detectors and body searches of students and teachers if deemed necessary, tall fences, tall guard towers and special secure rooms which are bulletproof. We could have them locked from the outside in active shooter scenario. Heck, maybe lock them all of the time and multiple layers of locked points of Ingres/egress.

Sounds like an open and inviting place to educate our youth.

Apologies if this has been mentioned re: Russian hackingEdward Snowden

We have now seen Roger Stone tied to Wikileaks, but what has Edward Snowden revealed about NSA security protocols and other priceless information the Russians may have used to hack our vote?

As I mentioned in another post, I am definitely glad we have the light of the closure re: what the NSA and other agencies have been up to, but he chose to flee and is now in Russia undoubtedly cooperating with them.

Want to freak out? Think about Amazon Echo and Total Information Awareness

I know all of you have been plugged in to the issues of privacy for quite some time. Remember Poindexter’s TIA after 9/11 during Bush’s military and surveillance free for all?

To be clear, there was a ton of push back and US Congress removes funding. But oh my lord that did not stop them. They farmed out major parts of these programs to other federal agencies and private enterprises as well as research universities.

With surveillance cameras everywhere we look, ID’s online and offline tied together to crest dossiers, why would we give the government even more access to our every word?

Mark Zuckerberg and most savvy privacy individuals put covers over their laptop cameras. What keeps Google or Amazon or others from cooperating with the government to share this “predictive analysis” or be compelled to provide it?

Theoretically, if you have hit a certain threshold based on analytics, your dossier could be flagged for exception and a human analyst given the rights to investigate you further. They could listen to your family’s conversations. There’s no tape to cover the all-hearing speaker. Unplug it? Backup battery inside. Scary stuff.

Then again, I suppose they could do the same with your cell phone if you have one.

The home listening devices are a bridge too far more me.

What are your thoughts?


feel free to contact Florida NRA lobbyist about her attempt to pressure FL legislators on their bill

This woman was president of the NRA for brief period from 1995 to 1999. She is a registered lobbyist with Florida and attempting to being push back on Florida legislators.

She's sending information out telling conservative voters "Don't let them blame us for Parkland".

I think she needs to hear from a few of us. Yes, she still lists an aol email. Please pass the word to your networks on social media and elsewhere:

Ms. Marion P. Hammer


National Rifle Association/Unified Sportsmen of Florida
PO Box 1387
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