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Profile Information

Name: Wade
Gender: Male
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Home country: USA
Current location: San Jose, CA
Member since: Fri Feb 23, 2018, 04:26 PM
Number of posts: 1,294

About Me

I am an aging cynic looking to be inspired.

Journal Archives

Dems took back the House of Rep in 2006!!! Not ancient history

And they kept it in 2008. Donít let negative grousers like Charles Pierce tell you otherwise.

Donít take it for granted. Vote, help others vote, register people to vote...but this is not a high hurdle

How are we NOT talking about Kushners attempt at secret Kremlin connection?

To me, this is so flagrant. Kushner and Trump wanted to have a highly private one to one data connection between the White House and Kremlin so no US intelligence agencies could be involved.
THAT is FUCKED UP under Amy circumstances but especially with people so compromised like Kushner and Trump.
Youíve got Kushner trying to enrich himself and family business and Trump trying to hide all manner of financial misdeeds and who knows what else....but they want an unaccountable direct link to Moscow?

Again, What the FUCK!?

These guys are clearly trying to share our secret with the Russians for their own interests.

Anyone who believes a Goddamn word Kushner says in his own defense is a fool.


Assuming Newsom and Villaraigosa win governor primary

Who becomes governor? I say Newsom, but a lot of fractured primary vote could go to Villaraigosa.

I think California is on firmer footing with Newsom.

These kids are so powerful. That's why the right is lying repeatedly in attempts to discredit

For now, it seems David Hogg and Emma Gonzales receive most of the vitriol--but as Cameron Kaskey and others speak out and are more visible again, look for more of the same.

The good thing is a very large percentage of Americans say, "Hey, wait a minute! I call bullshit! These are just young kids who are trying to create an amazing positive out of such a traumatic event in their lives."

Truth will prevail.

Adding perfect link for the topic from another thread.


Trump Royal Proclamation...Batman slapping Trump meme

Hear ye! Hear ye! By royal decree from the Honorable and Stable Trump, all future instances of Batman slapping Trump found on social media, printed or otherwise distributed shall result in investigation as such images will be viewed as threats upon the presidentís life. Perpetrators found to have disseminated said image will be held in new Trump brand dungeons as they await trial, and relatives of perpetrators will receive 5 points on a soon to be announced sedition tracking database.

What ever happened to Saul Alinsky? He was da bomb in 2008 and 09

I know Facebook is taking down democratic institutions, but I need to stay connected with my family

The only way ever invented to stay in contact with valued friends and family is Facebook. So sorry Democracy.


Facebook has dropped $37 per share from February price of $193 to $156 right at the moment. 52 week

low was $139 in April last year. Only $17 more to slide to hit that low point.

News about Facebook collecting phone log data from Android devices and FTC new investigation are further tanking this stock.

Get out while the getting is good. Both financially and out of Facebook itself.

Employees are fleeing to go work for Instagram or other divisions as well as looking to work for new companies.

Good riddance.


Everywhere I turn, I see we, the people, LOSING. The rich and their Caligula leader Trump are breaking laws to get richer and obtain more power.

We need a goddamn revolution.

Turns out the only thing Trump is good at was foreshadowed by The Apprentice. VA Secretary

May be next on the chopping block


What a joke of a presidency.

Hey, White HouseóSenate wouldnít have such a backlog of confirmations if youíd stop firing or driving away people the senate previously confirmed.

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