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Profile Information

Name: Wade
Gender: Male
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Home country: USA
Current location: San Jose, CA
Member since: Fri Feb 23, 2018, 05:26 PM
Number of posts: 1,294

About Me

I am an aging cynic looking to be inspired.

Journal Archives

Today is definitely not a slow news day. Jeebus!

I can barely keep up.

We Dems are still losing far more often than we should because of $$$$$

I’ve studied macro demographic changes in the US for years, and the shifts since before 2000 election but especially since 2012 should favor Democrats and more progressive candidates.

The GOP has seen this and not stood still. This is why they go to further and further shady, unethical, illegal and treasonous lengths to keep their outsized influence and power.

Citizens United, gerrymandering and now partnering with Russian agents are the way they combat the will of the people.

At the end of the day, all of their machinations fail if we the people rise up overwhelmingly and VOTE. We must make it not even close. Wipe them away in 2018.

Now is not the time for complacency. Take Election Day off as a personal day, early vote if possible and then drive people to the polls, phone bank—whatever.

We must turn out in scary proportions to send these blackguard traitors the message we are taking over again.

Has Joy Reid herself claimed these blog entries from 2006 wee hacks?

I think some of her sites were hacked somewhere along the line so there may be comments where she’s said “I was hacked”. But has she come out about THESE homophonic posts and said she was hacked or have only her lawyer and others said so?

Today would have been my 28th wedding anniversary with my ex-wife

She and I only lasted the cliche 7 years before divorcing, but we were tied together by a lovely daughter who was 2 and a half when we separated and 3 when divorce was final.

I married less than a year later to my current wife who will soon celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with later this year.

Why do I write all of this? I don’t mean to remember that anniversary, but similar to the anniversary of my mother’s and twin sister’s death’s, I always have subconscious reactions to the date as it looms.

I still wake up some days and say: WHAT the FUCK happened?!?!!?

It would have been so much easier for all of us Americans and the whole world if Hillary had been inaugurated 45th president.

Is this our punishment for Vietnam, Abu Graib and slavery?

I can’t even imagine how cheated Hillary feels? Or also....how about Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court?

Why can’t we send these fuckers in the GOP straight to hell to burn for all eternity?


I so love how Mueller is always ahead of Trump. Cohen on NY state criminal charges

Spells big trouble for Trump crime family. No firings or pardons can save Trump/Cohen from NY state.

In fact, Mueller team could explicitly set aside charges they WON’T prosecute Cohen on so that even
If Trump pardons Cohen,state prosecution can move forward with no issues around double

Trump On Koreas: I have some good news and bad news

First, I am the best deal maker, and North and South Korea have agreed to end hostilities. Everyone thank me. Reunification is just a few months away.

Some bad news: while they were speaking their “Ching Chong Ping Pong” and the smell of kimchi distracted me, I may have give. Reunified Korea the state of Montana and three first round draft picks.

Our last three successful Dem presidential candidates had one thing in common

Two years prior to their successful run, they were on no one’s radar as a credible nominee let alone actually winning the White House.

The last three unsuccessful nominees were considered foregone conclusions and had very long public records for people to run against.

Which hopefuls for 2020 fit into the former and latter categories?

And yes I do realize the last three unsuccessful Dem nominees were jobbed in some way with two of the three winning popular vote but losing electoral.

Turns out Melania is Kyzer Soze

She used her Eastern European connection to set up The Donald.

She wanted SOME kind of prenup arrangement holding Donnie accountable, and she used his desire to tie the knot as leverage. He would not agree to zero tolerance on extra marital sex, so he concocted a scenario so wild he’d have no problem meeting those obligations.

He agreed, if he was caught with strippers/prostitutes peeing on each other, he would have to forfeit half of his wealth.

Once she found out about the porn stars and playboy models, Melania set her plan in motion.

Business junkets to Russia for Trump. Russian intelligence got to work...and kaboom!

Note: poorly crafted satire
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