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Driver Tossed Coffee Cups on Their Lawn for 3 Years , 76 with grudge arrested

The odd case of the Lake View litterbug started three years ago. Someone driving past a home on Versailles Road in the dark of night slowed down to fling a used McDonald's coffee cup onto the edge of a front lawn before pulling away.

The driver did it over and over again, nearly every day since then, throwing one or two coffee cups, sometimes with soggy cigarette butts inside, out the window and onto the property of Edward and Cheryl Patton. The couple eventually filled 10 garbage bags with more than 300 of these coffee cups.


Earlier this month, some neighbors agreed to help the Pattons find out. They set up a stakeout and jotted down the license plate, which the Pattons shared with Hamburg police.

Officers set their own trap and, that night, pulled over a 76-year-old man moments after he deposited more trash at the Pattons' home.

The couple say they were shocked to learn his identity: The man cited for harassment was Cheryl Patton's former co-worker, Larry Pope, and, she told police, he had resented her for years.


Edward Patton collected a year or two worth of coffee cups that were thrown on his lawn. He also has index cards keeping track of what happened.


The first one must have seemed like a minor annoyance. Somebody tossed an empty coffee cup from McDonald's on the lawn of Edward and Cheryl Patton of Lake View, NY. But as the Buffalo News explains, the minor nuisance became an almost daily occurrence over the next three years. The same vehicle would drive by, usually after sunset, and toss a cup on the lawn, sometimes with a cigarette butt or two inside. Edward Patton, 80, set up security cameras and bought binoculars, but he could never get the license plate or a clear view of the driver. Finally, neighbors spotted the SUV in the act, followed, and got a plate number. Then police set up a stakeout of sorts and pulled over 76-year-old Larry Pope.

As it turns out, Cheryl Patton, also 76, used to work with Pope at Fisher Bus Service in Hamburg and described him as a "nemesis" because of issues involving her role as a union officer. "I found it very hard to believe that someone I knew would do something like that, especially at his age," she tells the News. Her husband says he is "flabbergasted." Pope has been charged with second-degree harassment and depositing trash on a highway, per the Hamburg Sun. He hung up on a News reporter when asked for comment. Lake View is about 15 miles south of Buffalo, on Lake Erie. on this site, you agr

stores closing due to Hero's pay ordinance

little dog does not want to receive an injection

California's ArcLight and Pacific Theaters to close for good including the iconic Cinerama Dome

California’s ArcLight and Pacific Theaters to close for good



California’s ArcLight and Pacific Theaters to close for good

Hollywood’s theatrical business may be slowly rebounding but for some exhibitors the last year has been catastrophic. Pacific Theaters, which operates some 300 screens in California, including the beloved ArcLight theaters and the historic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, said Monday that it will not be reopening.

The permanent closures include the 16-screen Arclight Cinema at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland. The Bethesda theater opened in 2014. It had been temporarily closed since March 2020.

“This was not the outcome anyone wanted, but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options, the company does not have a viable way forward,” a Pacific Theaters representative said in a written statement.


The ArcLight theaters were a favorite of many entertainment industry professionals and celebrities, with locations throughout Southern California. The ArcLight Hollywood was the first in the chain to open in 2002 featuring the then-novel concept of reserved seating and ushers who introduced each showing. Latecomers were not admitted entry.

Many took to social media to express their dismay over the news. “Love & Basketball” filmmaker Gina Prince-Bythewood tweeted, “This is so painful. The Arclight is my go-to. Clean, great sound, assigned stadium seating, great popcorn, usher movie introductions. A true movie-going experience.”


One of the biggest loses for movie fans is the historic Cinerama Dome. The concrete geodesic dome on Sunset Bouelvard is an official historic monument and a tourist attraction in and of itself, featured in movies like Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and occasionally decorated for higher profile premieres. Positioned adjacent to the ArcLight Hollywood, it was commissioned in 1963 by Pacific Theatres founder William R. Forman as a state of the art way to see movies using three projectors for its custom curved screen and is only one of three in the world to have the capability.

Davey Ramsey is a FREAK! getting all into the personal business of employees


Ramsey Solutions is also being sued by a former employee named Caitlin O’Connor, who claims she was fired for being pregnant and unmarried. The company had defended her firing, saying she was fired for having premarital sex, which company policy bans. In defending its policies, Ramsey Solutions has also claimed to have fired a total of eight employees since 2016 for premarital sex.

News of the O’Connor lawsuit led Inc. magazine to drop the company from its 2020 “Best Workplaces” list.

Ramsey personality and author Chris Hogan recently resigned from the company for violating undisclosed Ramsey Solutions’ policies. Leaders at Ramsey had long backed Hogan, despite concerns about his conduct.



Hogan, however, had admitted to having several affairs, including one with a fellow Ramsey employee, during his divorce proceedings without apparent discipline from company leadership.

Instead, after company officials became aware of Hogan’s infidelity in 2018, just before the launch of “Everyday Millionaires,” the company put together a “restoration plan” that would allow Hogan’s book tour to go forward. Parts of that plan included mandatory counseling for Hogan and his then-spouse, Melissa, and a request that the counselor and the couple’s pastor send regular reports to Ramsey and other company leaders.

After Melissa Hogan objected to that plan and the couple separated, Ramsey told employees that the couple was going through a “really nasty divorce” and accused Melissa Hogan of making angry and untrue allegations about her then-husband.

firefighters call Tesla for advice on how to put out battery fire , pour on water for 4 hrs


two men died after a Tesla 'on autopilot with no one driving' crashed into a tree in Houston before starting a huge fire that took 32,000 gallons of water to extinguish.

The fully-electric 2019 Tesla Model S slammed into the tree in Carlton Woods at around 11.25pm on Saturday night before bursting into flames with the passengers still inside.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said an investigation had found that 'no one was driving' when the accident happened, with one man sitting in the passenger seat at the front and the second sitting in the back.


Fire fighters used 32,000 gallons of water over four hours to try to put out the flames because the car's batteries kept reigniting.

At one point, deputies had to call Tesla to ask them how to put out a fire in the battery.

One year into pandemic, have you maintained high level hygenic habits to avoid c19?

I am not.talking about just wearing masks. I am referring to all the hand washing, wiping.cabinet, leaving stuff outside, squirting bleach, avoiding door handles, wiping steering wheel, etc..

If you slacked off.
Bored with it all...
Never caught c19?
Caught c19 and it wasnt.so.bad for me
Been vaxxed

Feds urges consumers with children at home to stop using Peleton treadmill immediately

The US government issued an urgent warning Saturday, telling consumers to stop using the Peloton Tread+ after “dozens of incidents of children being sucked beneath” the treadmill.

The warning came a month after the New York-based exercise equipment company with a near-cultish customer base acknowledged that a child died in an incident involving the treadmill.

Peloton CEO John Foley called the incident “tragic” and said the company was “aware of only a small handful of incidents involving the Tread+ where children have been hurt.”

But the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Saturday said it is aware of 39 incidents, including the death.

“CPSC staff believes the Peloton Tread+ poses serious risks to children for abrasions, fractures, and death,” the agency said in its warning, posted on Twitter and its website. “In light of multiple reports of children becoming entrapped, pinned, and pulled under the rear roller of the product, CPSC urges consumers with children at home to stop using the product immediately.”


"So so disappointed in you!" , "How could you." GOP response to Ivanka getting vaxxed

Not Even Ivanka Can Save the Nearly Half of Republicans Refusing to Get Vaccinated

Resistance to a coronavirus vaccine remains high on the political right, with yet another poll showing that nearly half of Republicans say they don’t plan to get a jab. And not even the return of one of MAGA-world’s most beloved bit players can convince them otherwise.

On Wednesday, after months of self-imposed silence, former first daughter Ivanka Trump emerged on Twitter to post a photo of herself receiving the vaccine and encourage others to follow suit. The tweet comes amid Ivanka’s long record of questioning the science of lockdown measures and ignoring federal guidelines to avoid nonessential out-of-state travel. But of course, that’s not what the right took issue with.

“So so disappointed in you!” one Twitter user responded, adding sad emoji faces. “How could you.” It was part of a flood of tweets expressing apparent betrayal. Others poured in with conspiracy theories questioning both the photo’s timing and its authenticity. “Does anyone really believe that she JUST got the shot? #OldPhoto,” read one tweet.

“Bill Gates is tracking you now,” another, falsely, claimed.



Born After 2004? New Zealand May Never Let You Smoke

Born After 2004? New Zealand May Never Let You Smoke
Nation considering various proposals as it aims to be smoke-free by 2025

New Zealand has proposed several plans as part of a goal to be smoke-free by 2025, including a permanent ban on sales of any tobacco products to anyone born after 2004, reports the Guardian. Cigarettes are already heavily taxed in the country. But "we need a new approach," Associate Health Minister Ayesha Verrall said Thursday in revealing the proposals, noting that "about 4,500 New Zealanders die every year from tobacco." Verrall said the "most extreme" proposal toward a smoke-free generation is one that would ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after 2004 beginning in 2022. That ban would be permanent—meaning a person born after 2004 couldn’t buy tobacco products even after reaching adulthood.

Verrall also said the government—which is seeking input from the public—could instead choose to raise the legal age for purchasing and using tobacco to 20 or 25, "where taking up smoking is much less likely," per Stuff. Other proposed rules would see limits on the amount of nicotine allowed in products, a mandatory minimum price, and a ban on cigarette filters. The hope is this will encourage people to abandon the habit, which accounts for one in four cancer deaths in New Zealand. But even smokers who support some of the proposals tell Stuff that the goal of a smoke-free nation by 2025 is unrealistic. Some say it will only expand the black market for tobacco. Others worry about the effect on small retailers. As for the proposed ban on filters, "it's not going to make any difference," says one smoker. "Does the needle bother the heroine junky?"

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