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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Healthcare 4 All - Jobs 4 All - Affordable College 4 All - Un-doable - Howard Schultz

Schultz calls these things Progressivism. Too "far left" for him. Having the government actually help people. Providing health care for all of their citizens like every other rich country does. Providing jobs. Educating folks who don't want 100k in student loan debt to get a degree.

Howard Schultz needs to stay in his .01% bubble. We DEMOCRATS can fix the fact that government has only been able to help the wealthy since Reagan without his idiotic ramblings.

We can't provide health care for everyone if most of the $$ we spend goes into the bank accounts of the "owners" of our health care system. Insurance company execs need their millions of dollars a year to decide who lives and who dies when they get sick.

Howard, you are a clown, and don't belong in the Presidential Race.

Stay in your bubble.

Let people that understand being poor fix our .01% ran government.

Progressives / and real moderates.

Schultz Wants To Keep His Untaxed Billions Untaxed

That is the #1 priority for "centrists" and the 3rd way scammers.

Healthcare for only the lucky, and even they need to pay waaaaaaay too much so our "owners" can profit when we get sick.

No thanks Howard.

Russia Is Propping Up Maduro In Venezurla To Destroy Oil Production There

Better prices for Putin.

It's always about the $$$.

Who Wants To Cut Their Healthcare Costs By 20% Instantly

Without cutting care for the sick?

Paying insurance companies 20% off the top for nothing is only for stupid corrupt countries.

All the profits and wages of healthcare insurance companies could be spent hiring caregivers. Or how about mental health workers. Anyone looked around America's streets lately?

Time America became less stupid.

Life and death shouldn't be decided by for profit bean counters.

Go Straight To Hell Howard Schultz - Healthcare For All

Not just for the lucky.

""Schultz recalled a clip previously aired of Senator Harris supporting Medicare for all by saying “she wants to abolish the insurance industry.”

“That’s not correct. That’s not American,” Schultz claimed, adding “What’s next? What industry are we going to abolish next? The coffee industry?” ""

Watching the poor die is far more American than other countries where all citizens are covered with better overall care and outcomes for half the price.

Replace insurance workers with people to provide care. Alzheimers rates are exploding.

Tax sugar and flour to pay for health care.

Schultz Join The Democratic Primary If You Want To Run For President

If you run 3rd party and re-elect Trump you will be the 2nd most hated person in America.

Is that your destiny? Being violently hated by millions?

Or billions for that matter.

Is that what you really want?

Really Howard?

Roger Stone Will Die In Prison If He Doesn't Get A Pardon - He Is Obviously Guilty

Watching Stone out there claiming how innocent he is makes me laugh.

I am sure there are other crimes Stone committed that he hasn't been charged with, or may not be charged with, but what he OBVIOUSLY DID is enough to put him away for a long, long time. And if Roger isn't cooperating FULLY, a book the size or Jersey will be thrown at him. Rightfully so.

Justice = locking up criminals like Roger Stone, and not just the poor or minorities.

All Republican Presidents Are Teflon Not Just Reagan

Watching the '80's on CNN. Just realized Teflon Ron isn't the only Teflon president. All Republican Presidents are Teflon.

Bush lied about WMD's and ignored dozens of direct warnings before 9-11 and still was not touched, or impeached. Looking the other way while the banks destroyed our economy hurt his "poll numbers" but he is comfortable at home painting by numbers for the rest of his days, and giving $500,000 speeches. He is truly Teflon.

Then there is the Orange Menace. He may someday pay for AN ENTIRE LIFETIME OF DOING CRIME AFTER CRIME, but then again, most agree he won't spend one second in prison.

They are all Teflon.

Obama? Clinton? They were impeached, or attacked with absolute bullsh*t relentlessly. Lied about constantly. The lies were non-stop.

They have to lie about Democrats, but with Republicans the truth is sick enough, we don't need to lie.

Time to get rid of Teflon.

Sorry Venezuela Russia And China Will Keep Maduro In Power And Trump Won't Do Anything

Trump will not make China and Russia pay ANY price for propping up Maduro.

It's not like "we" will make Russia and China feel any pain while the people in Venezuela starve to death, or die because there is no medicine.

Russia and China support brutal dictators. Always.

Why do we / the world buy their crap / oil?

North Korea is building nukes that can reach LA and Seattle because of Russia and China and the world is still giving them money for their garbage / oil / gas.

Wake the F up world.

Boycott China and Russia 100% for a better world. We don't need their crap anyway.

And Venezuela will have years of carnage and starvation coming because of Russia and China. Iran too, but they don't have much power there, and can have boycotts too.

Do something Trump you piece of sh*t.
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