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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

Journal Archives

From Now On It Should Be Called "Trump's Racist Wall"

Call it what it is.

Point out the fact Trump's lemming cult followers are above all first and foremost racists.

Roger Stone Sure Looks Happy For Someone Who Will Be Sitting In A Prison For A Long Time

I'm just sayyin....

Today Is Payday - Fold And Pay Them Today You Lying Russia Controlled Sorry Excuse

For a spoiled white trash pile of human feces.


If Trump Campaign Officials Were Innocent They Wouldn't Be Arrested

For lying.

There is a reason all the Trump Scumbags lied their asses off.

About Russia and their outlet Wikiscum.

Maduro Is Too Stupid To Realize It Is Time To Flee

We all know he isn't too bright.

Trump's Boss Putin Wants Venezuela To Be Like Syria

A starved bombed out war zone with a puppet dictator in charge.

Trump agrees with Putin of course.

When People Die Because Of The Shutdown It Will Be 100% Trump's Fault

It is bound to happen.

The people who we trust to keep us safe from Coast Guard to Air Traffic Controllers are being beaten down and will screw up.

Everyone in between are also trying to scrape by while working for no pay. TSA etc.

Someone is gonna die, and it will be Trump's fault.

Let's vote to approve a wall when we get the check from Mexico Trump promised.

$1.2 Trillion Dollar Deficit - The Real Crisis

Not a caravan of people fleeing for their lives seeking asylum.

Is "The Wall" The Hill The Republican Party Chose To Die On?

Lee / Trump kept sending them across the field to attack entrenched positions and they were slaughtered. Wave after wave. Dead.

Your move General Trump.

Your approval is down 8 points in one month. Good job sir.

Keep it up. Why wait for demographics anyway....

Donald - Nancy Wants To Come Over And Play Politics

Where did Donald go??
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