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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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They Voted For Trump To Break The Government

He did.

Heard On MSNBC $1 Trillion Stock Buy Backs Announced - $1.2 Trillion Dollar Deficit This Year

Does someone besides me smell something bad?

Trump Meeting With Republicans Only On Health Care Today - My Gawd What Will They Do Now

To attack our families.

The Republicans / Trumputin's cruelty level is dropping, and they have primaries around the corner.

They gotta hurt someone.

Gratuitous Cruelty - Today's Republican Party

From Eugene Robinson on Brian Williams Show.

Pretty good summation of today's Republican Party.

Gratuitous Cruelty.

Let that sink in.

It's not me saying it, it was a Pulitzer Prize winner saying it.

Chavismo Dies Tomorrow

Maduro will be leaving. National assembly assuming power. Tomorrow.

MAGA Scum Kids

Just like MAGA Scum old traitors.


Racist Scum.


Carbon Dioxide Released - An All-time Record 45 Billion Tons In 2017


What can I say.

Sorry kiddies.... Nice planet ya got here. Errr I mean had.

Now let me go fly somewhere!

"In sum, our seats alone on the planes to and from Morocco helped unload about 16,800 pounds of carbon dioxide."


What are we here for if not to destroy our host?

Senator Lankford Said Trump Offered A Decent Compromise To ReOpen Government - Really?

Ok, jerkwad. Let's say I burn down your house James, and then I say if you give me a million dollars I will build you a new house, and you can live in it for 3 years. After 3 years then we will "negotiate" where you can go.

Sound like a decent compromise Lankford?

Lankford, stop apologizing for this vile pile of human scum Trump and his bosses Putin and Coulter.

Senator Lankford, when you look in a mirror, what keeps you from puking?

So Ann Coulter Is Now Running Our Government It Appears

I feel so much better now....

Why Does The Media Treat Republicans Like They Aren't Evil

Cruel lying hypocrites?

Yes some commentators "push back" properly but most treat obvious lying racist birther hypocrites like regular people.

The entire Republican Party sabotaged Obama as he tried to create jobs after Bush slithered away. "Make him a one term president" was their stated goal.

Republicans are a disease.
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