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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Trump Wants No Witnesses When He Meets Putin

Proof he is a traitor.

Ted Cruz Is Right - Republicans Don't Care If Putin Owns And Commands Donald Trump

As long as Republicans can hold onto some amount of power.

Republicans really don't care who their masters are.


Democrats Agree To Pay For Trump's Wall...

Just as soon as the check from Mexico clears.

That's the deal right?


You said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall. Yes you did.

You never said you would shut down the government if Mexico didn't pay now did you?



Hello Donald.

"Yer Under Arrest Trump!"

Anyone else see that clip from the 50's?

Should be the video / Tweet of the week.

Trump Is A Lying Racist Russian Agent

Who here agrees?

Why Is The Media Not Talking About The Republicans Who Took Russian Money / Help

The ones not named Trump?

From laundering millions through the NRA to the "Russian Operatives" who funded PAC's with laundered money, and sent money to the inauguration?

I have heard dozens of Republicans are in trouble, but where is our press?

Why are they silent?

We know the Russians gave tons of $$ to the NRA and then coordinated ILLEGALLY with candidates. Not a peep.

C'mon press, you can do better.

It's not just Trump.

MAGA'S Don't Care If Trump Is A Russian Agent Controlled By Putin

I know some Trump supporters and they think he is grest and refuse to believe he even tells lies.

They live on the planet Foxworld.

And they can vote here on Earth.

No amount of evidence that Trump is a Russian asset lying traitor piece of sh*t affects their loyalty to their beloved Fuhrer. He is bigger than any god ever in their rat brains. He is everything.... All because he is sufficiently cruel to brown people and "liberals". That's it folks. They love his cruelty.

It's not fair.

Friends, we must fight for America's soul. Are we Americans or are we MAGA's.

Trump Is Refusing To Protect The United States From Russia

Russians attacked our 2026 and 2018 elections. Trump is still helping Russia by not admitting this fact and retaliating. Trump is RIGHT NOW working for Putin and even relieving sanctions on Russian Oligarchs.

There are other actions like trashing NATO and leaving Syria and more.

Trump does work for Putin.

There is no other way to look at it.

Trump Must Have Had A Gut Feeling Democrats Would Just Surrender

When he demanded $5 billion dollars for a practically useless wall.

Since all Trump's decisions are based on his gut instead of advisors, research, or even facts he was sure it would all work out.

So Republicans, how do you like your party's (bleak) future being in the hands of Trump's gut?

If you thought the blue wave was bad wait till you see the blue ocean.

Coming soon to your district / state.

Time's up.

Wait Till Something Real Bad Happens With The Shutdown I Won't Say What But We All Know Some Things

That could happen.

They call them disasters.

Will be 100% Trump's fault. Just because he made promises he couldn't keep because they were stupid, useless, and only impressed his racist base.

End The Shutdown Trump / Mitch.
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