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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

Journal Archives

Trump Has To Keep His Deplorable Klan Base Happy

Gotta keep them brown people out.

That and pretending to give them tax cuts is the only thing simple enough for his imbecile deplorable rat brained supporters to understand.

Sorry, I left out Nazi. Sorry Mr. King.

Trump wants a blue ocean in 2020 not a wave....

Trump - Santa Ana Tried To Take Land From Texans Too - How'd That Work Out?

Remember the Alabama? Something like that.....

Trump Sounds Like Klan - Anyone Else Notice

Gotta have s wall to keep the brown people out.


Just like his daddy.


Enjoy Texas Trump - Soon You Will Be In Prison Where You Belong

Putin's little sanction lifting puppet.

The day you are indicted will be a bigger day for freedom and democracy than July 4 1776.

Is Trump Paying For The 17 Lawyers Out Of His Pocket?

They are for crimes he committed before becoming POTUS.

Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for that.

It Is Now Conspiracy Not Collusion - Officially

Manafort and Trump were conspiring with Russia to swing the election.

We have the polling data proof and the emails.

Stop saying collusion it is conspiracy. Now.

Any Republicans Smart Enough To Understand How Bad They Are Losing On This Wall Shutdown?

It seems instead of another blue wave in 2020, they want a blue ocean, with no Republicans anywhere.

Are they all trying to impress Trump for god knows what reason, or are they simply that stupid?

This is insane.

Open the government you fools.

Dems Won't Pay $5.8 Billion Dollar Ransom For Useless Wall

To release federal hostages.

There's No Security Crisis At The Southern Border Pence

You liar.

They Can't Ask Their Father For More Money

Good job Nancy.
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