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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Tax Accumulated Wealth Not Wages

The obscenely wealthy don't earn wages. They amass wealth tax free until they sell something and then don't pay taxes like we do on wages.

The whole system is to tax workers and leave the wealthy alone.

Payroll taxes fund the government. Billionaires don't get paid income.

This fact is never mentioned by anyone.

The real truth.

22 Trillion In Debt And Billionaires Still Don't Pay Their Fair Share

Of taxes.

Tax wealth accumulation like wages. Budget balanced. Not hard to do that math.

The Real Crisis - Republicans Love Follow And Obey A Serial Liar

Constant non stop lies.

Today's party of psychopaths blindly support Trump. Ask any of them about the lies and you get the deer in the headlights look.

Today's Republicans are Fox watching brain dead lemmings.

This is the crisis that requires a lot more than a wall.

Republicans Should Not Be Able To Use The Name Sacajawea - She Was A Great American

Republicans are traitors. Every F-ing one of them.

Traitors should be put in prison for even mentioning Sacajawea.

Republicans are scum. Let them drool out Reagan, Reagan, Reagan if they want.

Especially Gaetz.

Gaetz is Pure Scum.

Nancy Vote To Open Government Every Day Make Them Vote

To keep it closed. Do it while there are no IRS refund checks being issued. See what happens.

They want to go low....

Shutdown Is Pure Distraction From Trump's 17 Investigations.

I wish the media would state the obvious.

They are ignoring Trump's crimes 100%.

Trump owns them again.


Sad for America.

It's Not Just The Mueller Investigation - There Are 17 More Going On With Impeachable Offenses

There are 18 investigations going on. There may be impeachable offenses "proven" by them. We may not / don't have to wait for Mueller possibly.

Trump has been a criminal his whole life.

If people like Trump aren't held accountable we can't pretend to have any form of justice.

Gut Pollution Regulations And Celebrate The "Jobs Created" - Ok Trump I Get It

What could possibly go wrong.

California, Houston, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Johns. and the rest of the Caribbean. No problems there.

In fact we should triple CO2 production!!!!

Jobs, jobs, jobs!!!

Take off every mountain top in West Virginia and Kentucky too while you are at it. Lead is so cool. We don't need no stinkin' mountains.

And pesticides, and other poisons, remove ALL REGULATIONS. Let them farmers farm!!!! $$$


Tlalib was being nice to you MF.

Dear Kevin McCarthy - Millions Of Americans Hate Donald Trump's Guts And Calling Him A MF Is...

Being nice to him.

McCarthy, you and your tea bagging, lying, billionaire serving, birther, pile of human feces Republican deplorable scumbags deserve to be called a lot worse than mf. A lot worse.

You all belong behind bars for aiding and abetting a lifelong criminal who tricked a bunch of stupid Americans into voting for him.

Tlaib, next time, don't be so nice.

Nancy and her friends can hold the high ground (easily) and the rest of us Dems can beat the crap out of them wherever they are. Mud included.

If we had 100 Dems who spoke like Alan Grayson we wouldn't have Trump. Or any Republicans left.

I noticed Tlaib didn't back down. Great. You don't back down to a bully ever. He deserves worse. Putting babies in cages is a lot worse than calling a mf a mf.

AOC Is Like A "Good Borg" The More They Attack Her...

The more powerful she gets.

I Love It.
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