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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Conservative - Simply Means Prostitute For The 1% The Rest Is Fluff

Name one policy Republicans support that is better for the poor and middle class than it is for the obscenely wealthy?

You can't.

Not even for money.

What Billionaires Want: Read Below


Can Military Ignore Trump's Illegal Order To Deploy To Border For Political Reasons?

It is not a legal order.

There is no legitimate reason.

The real reason is probably criminal in some way.

Crime, Trump doesn't care.

Trump Wasting Tax Payer Money Sending Troops To Border Because Housekeepers Are 1000 Miles Away

Along with landscapers, fruit pickers, nannies, and hopefully future fantastic Americans.

God bless the immigrants.

God Damn Donald Trump.

Playing Politics With Our Military.


Whats More Scary Immigrant Caravan Or Psychopaths With AR-15's Bump Stocks And 5,000 Rounds Of Ammo?

Gotta keep things in perspective.....

Main Stream Media Stop Telling Me To Not Call Republicans Evil Republicans Are Evil This Coming Tues

This coming Tuesday America WILL choose between good and evil.

I could go into all of the reasons why I believe Republicans are evil, but here is just a few. I have to go to work in a couple hours.

Who tried to repeal, and not replace my healthcare over 50 times just to attack the president of the opposite party? People who doesn't care if the sick get medical treatment if they are not lucky their whole life? Which governors didn't expand Medicaid (causing thousands to die from lack of medical care) just to play politics?


When the economy collapsed in 2008 and my family was struggling, who did all they could to sabotage the president of the other party to "make him a one term president" by keeping him from fixing what Bush broke and create jobs?


What party only acts to help billionaires make more money, and pay little in taxes, and doesn't give a damn about anyone else (anyone besides brainwashed religious cult members who think the world is 6,000 years old)?


Who wants nothing done about climate change, and supports big oil, big coal, and fracking at all costs, and to hell with the planet?


That should be good enough.

Almost forgot.....

Who supports Donald Trump regardless how many evil acts he commits, how much violence he incites, and and how many lies he tells?


Who ignores the wishes of 90% of Americans and wants to do absolutely nothing (in almost all cases including background checks) about psychopaths arming themselves with AR-15's and making it as easy as possible to kill as many people as possible if they have a bad day, or get a dog whistle (about immigrant caravans) from their fuhrer, and the industrial hate media?


It's not about politics.

It's about good and evil.

I am on the right side of history.

Nikki Haley is right. Her opponents aren't evil. Democrats. My (political) opponents are evil. Pure evil.....


I want to the babbling fools on the news to stop telling me not to call them evil, when they are obviously evil. It's not politics. It's not political. It's a fact. It's the future of the human race, and our (being plundered by billionaires) nation at stake.

Republicans Are Evil. And Cruel.


My Wife Just Said There Will Be No Mercy For Trump - All Day The Press Has Been Holding Him

Accountable for his part in the violence we are seeing, and have seen. The press is onto him, his evil, and his calls/dog whistles to promote violence, and hate.

She is right.

There will be no mercy.


Right Wing Propaganda Industry Is What Steve Schmidt Just Called What Is Radicalizing Americans

Write that term down.

It's not just Trump.

It is Trump with Fox, Hate Radio, and Think Tanks, and billionaire cash blasting lies on the airways.

Right Wing Propaganda Industry.

Please Rec so we all learn and use the term. It "IS" a vast right wing conspiracy Hillary. Once again Hillary you were a prophet.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Came Out Of Her Crypt To Push Back At The Horrible Media Causing The Violence

But she wouldn't name names.....

It's all the media's fault of course.

Trump's tweets are meaningless, along with everything he says.

Darn Trump Pretty Much The Whole World Is Blaming You For The Bombs And The Shootings Whoda Thunkit

All day long the "media" is talking about just how responsible the hate and fear you spew every day is for the violence we saw last week.

Good for them.

Trump Continues Telling His Psychopath Hordes Who To Blame For Their Problems - The Media

And all the people with dog whistle amplifiers are getting more angry, and more angry.

They know their will lose the house, and they are getting even angrier.

They want total control, and looking at what others want mattering to government makes them explode.

This is dangerous.
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