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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Trump Why Go To A Funeral Where Everyone There Hates Your Guts And Would Celebrate If You Croaked

I mean it. The Bush's hate your guts. Their good friends the Clintons hate your guts. Most people at the funeral know what damage you are doing to our nation, and they hate your guts.

There may be a deplorable or two at the funeral, but it is only because they have to be.

Bush, even with his many flaws, was a respectable president which is the opposite of everything Trump is.

Trump, go golfing. Leave the Bush family alone. They don't want you.

If Nixon Reagan Bush And Bush Went To Prison For Their Crimes There Would Be No Trump

I know we are all sad, but we must keep things in perspective.

Bush 41 wasn't as bad as the other 4, including the child criminal we have today, but he wasn't anywhere near as good as the whitewashing we will see for the next couple days would suggest.

The only thing worse than Republicans is the media.

It's not like they will be looking into the graves in all them countries these animals played a part in filling.

Iraq, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Laos, and many many more.

I am sick of the "picture" of America our media wants to paint. They seem to leave the half of the canvas that should be black completely ignored.

Hey Donald Lots Of Prison Guards Are Lationos And Democrats

Rut Roh.

Does Trump Get Secret Service Protection In Prison?

Anyone know?

Earthquake! - Trump Happy Media Not Showing Him On Dog Collar Being Led Around By Putin

All day long....

Putin does have a vise in his back pocket, and has his eyes on Trump's balls, so The Donald is sweating.....

Hey Useless MSM Wake Up Do Some News

All day long. One stupid story. Cohen. Ya ever think we might want to know what else is going on on the planet?

You suck.

Trump - Why Are You Still Around?

Just wondering....

Dear Don Lemmon And Guests Mia Love Voted To Take Away My Healthcare She Is No Hero

I can't believe all the gang Van, etc drooling over Mia Love. Sure Trump trashed her. He kills everything he touches. Mia voted to take away healthcare from millions for no good reason other than to impress drooling hate filled Fox News watching traitor scum.

She is no hero.

She wouldn't know a hero if she met one.

I don't care where her parents came from. I care about how her actions hurt my fellow Americans in the name of raw power and increased wealth for the 1% while the rest of us lose ground every single day.

Mia is just another Republican pile of feces.

If she changes parties, or goes independent I might think different.

Poor Mia. She got beat by a candidate who's positions 75% of Americans agree with. She is lucky to get 49%.

Iran - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Time To End The 2,000 Year Old Sunni vs Shiite Murdering Madness

The entire world's eco-systems are collapsing. Drought hurricanes and wildfires are ravaging the entire planet, and what do you guys do? Blow each other up out of psycho religious garbage madness. No Koran nothing says to kill each other just because their farts smell different, or some dude named Ali puked in the wrong direction 5,000 years ago. It's time to leave the god damned dark ages assholes.

I know the problems that plague the planet are not all, or even mostly your fault, but if you two ASSHOLE countries smoked a peace pipe for the first time in 2,000 years it may send a signal for the other bloodthirsty power mad money grubbing psychopaths around the planet. You know. THE USA AND RUSSIA. Israel, and the occupied territories. God knows who else. You could start something new and good for the first time in your country's histories.

Here is your time Iran / Saud. No one will let Iran control Yemen regardless how the Senate votes. So what have we got? Endless war on the Arabian Peninsula, and elsewhere. And for what? Really, what? You spend all your money on bombs and caskets, while your people starve Iran, and if you actually went for real peace, we could smash the Saudi dictators into doing the same.

Peace - What a thought!

No more children dying by the thousands in Yemen.

It's time Saudi Scum and Iranian Scum.

Next up, the billionaires who actually run the other 90% of the planet.

It's time.

It's time.

We need to solve bigger problems than how big of dick some asshole prophet had or didn't have thousands of years ago. How many innocent people need to die over some asshole named Ali? Really, how many? And you know who is doing the dying? The poor, and the children. Not the Mullahs, or Princes who send them all to their deaths while they surround themselves with 20 wives and stolen treasure.

It's time.

Speaking Of Pardons - Trump Won't Be Getting One I Don't Care Who Is The Next President

If Trump has to pay for his numerous crimes, anyone who pardons him will be destroyed by people that the word AMERICA means something to.
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