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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

Journal Archives

You Must Say Word Evil Before Word Republican Always

No exceptions.

Trump - Fire Scott Pruitt - C'mon You Know You Want To Besides...

Pruitt is a piece of slime who would gladly watch our entire country burn if it meant some corporation could make another penny a share.....

When Will Trump Officially Surrender To Russia

Anyone know?

Putin Owns Trump - Deal With It America

Thanks to Trump our whole country is Putin's b.....ch.

Don't you love it.

Maybe Russia Should Stop Attacking Everyone's Elections

Including OURS....

Kick them all out.

What Advertisers Still Fund Fox Propaganda Fear Channel?

Fox people are all lying Nazi scum running interference for the billionsires. Fox should have all their advertisers forced to choose sides. Right or lying propaganda.

Who will point this out?


I Give Trump Zero Credit For Better Economic Conditions - Zero

Any brain dead imbecile could run up the deficit a trillion dollars a year (giving billionaires more spending money), and create economic activity by removing regulations from polluters, and pollution.

The numbers will be better short term, of course. The bill will be paid "down the road" and it will be a lot higher. Our kids will have to pay the bill.

Everything Trump does makes our country's problems worse. A little short term wage growth will be paid for by trillions of dollars of interest, and environmental destruction. Floods, fires, hurricanes etc. Ocean acidification, sea level rise, and a baking planet.

It is not worth the cost by any measure.

When we should start doing better, we are doing a lot worse.

And we should be paying down the debt not racking up trillions more. (billionaires)

Maybe Trump Shouldn't Have Sent Someone To Threaten Stormy - Ya Think?

Whatever Stormy and her lawyer are doing to the lying dirtbag in the White House, he deserves far worse. Much much worse.

Maybe he shouldn't have messed with her..... and her kid.....

Trump Using Reagan's Playbook Juice The Economy Explode The Debt And Brag About The Numbers

Brag about how well the economy is doing from using debt/deficits to do the least productive things. Giving the filthy rich tax cuts and boosting military waste/spending.

Who cares about the environment (de-regulating polluters) or the children who will have to pay our bills and deal with a collapsing planet.

This playbook rally sucks.

The economy is booming. We should be paying off our debt not adding 2 trillion a year.

Anyone else notice this?

Stormy And Her Lawyer Are Using The Same Justice System Trump Used To Beat The Crap Out Of People

Using Trump's tactics on him is a thing of beauty.

Trump is down, and they keep kicking him, and kicking him.

And kicking him some more.

I love it.

Go Stormy!!!!

Please rec if you love it too.
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