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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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The Freedom Caucus Should Change Their Name To The Extortion Caucus

Ya think?

They are upset because they haven't got "documents" but they can't even keep their drafts for "impeaching Rosenstein" from being leaked.

And you wonder why Hillary had a "private" e-mail server. I would too. Republicans would leak ANYTHING that may help them regardless of the damage to our country.

Every Day Donald Trump Is Closer To Prison - Now Take Back Our Country

I am not talking about just white people, I am talking about all non billionaires.

Michelle Is This The Same Media That Screamed E-mails E-mails While Ignoring Trump's Screwing

Every person he ever did business with? Who ran a fraudulent charity? Who laundered money for Russians for a living? Mafia ties? Cheated on every wife like there was no tomorrow?

The list of things "our media" ignored, while giving Trump billions in free advertising to sell his hate is longer than the Amazon, and the Nile put together.

Michelle, it's great that you got the conversation started.

Trump needed "the free advertising" to get all his hate filled ignorant racist snowflake base all riled up, and out to vote. Great job MSM. You should give yourself an award.

Wonder what the award should be called....

The "Dereliction Award"? The "Sway Award"?

I loved hearing the talking heads on MSNBC this morning blabbering about how your comedy act will help Trump. That's how useless they really are.

We Need Two Congressional Chaplains

One Jesuit type who preaches caring for the poor, sick, and elderly. You know, the Jesus type.

One Republican type who represents Mammon and prays for the wealthy to have more power and control in our lives.

Let's see who prays where.....

I Know Things About John Tester - He Fights For Vets

Instead of fighting/trying to give the Koch Brothers half of the VA's budget as "profits", like you Trump, John Tester is trying to make care of wounded veterans better.

That's what I know.

There, glad I cleared that up.

Mika And Joe Before You Start Babbling Nonsense And Feigned Outrage Tomorrow

Just remember. If it wasn't for our eyeballs matter more than anything press, we wouldn't have this Trump problem.

You and your friends give/gave the Republicans microphones to lie their asses off every single day, and you rarely call them out on their obvious lies.

You suck Mika. You and Joe really suck. I know Joe is no longer a Republican. That's great. He's still a "conservative" which simply means the rich should be able to rob the poor with zero regulations, and nothing more. Conservative simply means fraud.

Sorry Mika (and Joe). SHS was bred by Orcs to destroy our country for Sauron/Putin. Or something like that.

She should be treated just as she deserves. Like a truly evil horrible person who basically lies for a living.

I Know Why They Hate Us Democrats / Liberals So Much

At some point they realized we will be going to heaven, and they won't.

Too bad.

The Media Distracts Us So Billionaires Can Rob Us

Anyone else here get it? Michelle Wolf didn't even scratch the surface.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Hideous

It's not her looks as much as the evil that oozes out of her. It's not the looks it's the evil.

Who Here Would Trade Places With Donald Trump Right Now?


Not me.
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