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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Republicans Will Do Anything To Keep Their Messiah / Cult Leader / Savior / Fuhrer Trump In Power

And propping up and standing for white privilege.

No crime too great.
No sin too great.
No racist statement too much.
No lie too big.
No corruption too much.
No sexual assault too much.

Anything to protect one of the sickest most disgusting humans ever born.

The orange menace must survive!

Break Laws Helping Republicans Get Elected - Get Pardoned - Sounds Fair To Me

Anything goes in Republicanland.

Supporting A Racist Makes You A Racist - Sorry Republican Apologists

They know they are racists to some degree, but their tribe must win, and that is all that matters.

It's them versus the "liberals" and anything goes.

We need to defeat "corrupt right wing racist scum" at every turn.

The future of our world depends on it.


Middle America Has Not Been Forgotten The Koch Brothers Live In Kansas

There isn't anything more middle than Kansas.

I am tired of hearing "them" say Middle America has been forgotten.

They have accumulated 60 billion in wealth since their daddy died, and don't pay squat in taxes.

They have the government's full attention, and then some.

In fact most laws are written for them exclusively.

Just ask Paul Ryan.

Why Is It OK For Liberals To Call Trump Names But Not OK For Roseanne To Be A Racist?

All the "conservative" jerks are out there on the tee vee asking this question.

I will answer it.

Liberals who call the lying, racist, birther, trash talking orange menace names are fully justified. Trump is a lying, racist, birther, trash talking orange menace.

They aren't calling him names because he is a Republican.

He isn't even a Republican. He is a true con man who's words mean nothing. He is worse than a Republican, if that is possible.

Call him anything you want. It will never equal the amount of evil Trump really is/spews.

Roeanne Trolled By Ambien Maker "Racism Not A Known Side Effect"

"While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication," the French drugmaker posted on Wednesday.


I am still laughing.

Has "The Media" Asked Trump What His Cut Was On The Money Cohen Was Collecting?

There was no way Cohen was selling access without Trump's knowledge.

I want to know what Trump's cut was.

Seems like the press doesn't care.

I Honor The Thousands Who Died For Bush's Lies In Iraq - We Will Never Forget You Or Bush's Crimes

Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Tenet, Powell and the rest.

We will never forgive them.

Make America Great - Prosecute Bush

Almost forgot.....

How Many Unarmed Mothers Will ICE Kill Today?

Protekktin' us?

From mothers.

Hey Rudy How Does Prison Sound For You And Your Russia Backed And Funded Traitor Friends?

I watched you go on CNN this morning and spew lies, distortions, and pure garbage. I just realized. You will be locked up for your "interference" in the Russia investigation too asshole.

Imagine. America's Mayor (sic) being prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated for helping the Hitler Wannabe in the White House obstruct justice. Phony witch hunt my ass. Partisan Democrat Mueller investigators my ass. Campaign Spies my ass. (the only spies were the campaign officials meeting with Russians).

Any lawyer with half a brain would never do the smear jobs, and spread the lies you spew every day. That's not saying much.

I bet you don't even realize that billions of us want you, Trump, and all the lying traitor Putin Puppets locked up. I bet you live in the Fox Bubble and haven't got a clue about what is really going on. There is not enough garbage you can spew to distract THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE WORLD. We know the Fox watching rat brained droolers approve of you and the orange menace more because of your crap spewing, but the rest of us are coming after you, and all your traitor Putin backed allies. All the fake spy stories, and make up conspiracies won't help you. We all know your boss is guilty as hell, and put in place by corrupt scum at the FBI afraid of "appearing to help Hillary when they weren't" and VLADIMIR PUTIN. And Qatar, Israel etc. God knows who else helped your Fuhrer get elected illegally.

We Want Scalps. (metaphorically - you are bald)


You and all your traitor rat friends.

Get used to the idea Rudy.
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