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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
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How Many Times Have The Words Climate Change Been Used On CNN or MSNBC Today?


And California is burning..... again.....

Time we pay to sequester the carbon as we use it, plus some to recapture all that has been omitted.

The planet is warming faster, and faster, and faster.

It will be devastating in our lifetimes.....

And the Gulf is how many degrees above average temperature this year?

You know. The cat 5 producing hot tub called the Gulf of Mexico?

How many will die this summer from CLIMATE CHANGE????????

Where is the scoreboard?

Has Anyone Thanked Putin For Counting Our Votes For Us In 2016?

Making sure all those online tabulators on computers running Windows Server 2000 were 100% correct?

Anyone Remember Who The Drill Baby Drill Party Was? Anyone In Redding California?

I can't seem to remember whether it was Democrats or Republicans who's campaign theme was drill baby drill.

The faster the ice melts the more money some stockholders were going to be, or something like that.....

There Is An OBVIOUS MEDIA BLACKOUT Of The Term Climate Change And How It Relates To Storms

Last year I watched cable news nightly and witnessed the devastation from Harvey, Irma, and Maria. I remember watching Houston flooded, St. Thomas and St John's (which I love) devastated, other islands in the Caribbean wiped off the map. I saw the Keys, and then of course Cuba and Puerto Rico utterly destroyed. Annihilated. Flattened.

Only one time after watching 3 devastating hurricanes for over a month did I hear anyone use the term "climate change" on CNN or MSNBC. Cable News, and the big 4 networks love showing the suffering, but have a TOTAL BLACKOUT of the reasons the devastation is so bad. They never relate the destruction to the fact that our world is turning into an oven. The Gulf Of Mexico is turning into a hot tub.

There is a Total Blackout on Cable News of anything tying climate change to all the death and destruction. The hurricanes, floods, and the wildfires that seem to be getting worse every year make great eyeball grabbers for advertisers, but there is no mention of the cause of what we are witnessing.


This is from the Chicago Tribune in March of 2017 before the storms:


"Water temperatures at the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and near south Florida are on fire. They spurred a historically warm winter from Houston to Miami and could fuel intense thunderstorms in the spring from the South to the Plains. In the Gulf, the average sea surface temperature never fell below 73 degrees over the winter for the first time on record, reported Eric Berger of Ars Technica".

Our world is turning into an oven, with temperatures rising faster, and faster, and faster, and more and more ice melting, along with the other problems, and it is taboo to even talk about it on the MSM.


Why is there a total blackout? Anyone know?

Never Forget Republicans Sabotaged Obama As He Was Trying To Fix Bush's Mess In Every Way Possible

As Mitch McConnell said, they wanted to "Make Obama a one term president", and opposed every single thing Obama (and Democrats) did to try to create jobs, and end the HORRIBLE DEVASTATING Bush recession.

As my family suffered, Republicans relentlessly attacked the people trying to improve our economy, and end the suffering of millions. They had tea baggers crying like babies about the deficit but would never consider having rich people pay some taxes. Now they are completely silent when the deficit is exploding like never before. Not a teabagger peep. Sad.

I will never forget what REPUBLICANS did to make me and my family suffer all for "more political power".

Republicans are evil, and anyone who supports ANY Republican should be treated like a rabid dog.

I will never forget.


Never ever.


I just watched Van Jones and Steven Miller talking about the "good" economy and who should get credit. Borrow a trillion from our children and gift it to billionaires and then crow about "them good numbers" while gutting greenhouse gas regulations making CLIMATE CHANGE WORSE. It make me sick. It also made me remember all the suffering I did in 2009 while I lost everything and was working my fingers to the bone trying to avoid bankruptcy. Real wages are falling and our deficit is soaring. Who is stupid enough to brag about that?

You guessed it.


F Him.

And F them.

Only An Idiot Would Believe A Word Trump Says - I Wish Someone Would Go On The Record And Say It

Our party needs a full frontal assault on this lying madman.

And it is safe to attack anyone who supports him.

After this much time, and this many atrocities, and lies, his "base" will not ever vote for a Democrat anyway.

We need to impress the 50% of America that doesn't bother voting because "they are all the same".

Since Trump is a lying scumbag attack him with the truth about his lies relentlessly.

We don't need to make stuff up.

Campaign Strategy: Take a bald faced Trump lie, repeat it, and tell the TeeVee anyone who believes this lie needs to see a doctor. Insult his "base" of drooling lemmings. Insulting people who choose to live in Fuktardistan. Shame them over, and over, and over. It will have an effect. On non voters.

This isn't going low. It is just the facts ma'am.

Reason doesn't win elections. Millions would support politicians who would cut their very own health care. Reason means nothing. Shaming the fools would make a difference.

And when Republicans talk about GDP etc. say anyone could borrow trillions from our kids, and give it to billionaires, and grow the economy while unleashing polluters. Long term it is a disaster. Just look at Houston, St Thomas, or Puerto Rico and a Gulf of Mexico that is 5 degrees warmer than it was 10 years ago churning out storms like candy.

What Will GDP Be When -ALL- Job Killing Regulations Are Cut On Polluters And The Ice Has All Melted?

And there is no more winter?

Fire/Hurricane/Flood season can be year round......

What will GDP be then?

In our future hellscape?

And a handful of billionaires own ALL the stocks, and have ALL the money, and have no problem dealing with climate change on Elysium?

Trump Is So Stupid

He doesn't know the jig is up.


Nice Pretzel Act Rudy

You are less believable than Trump.

And that is something.

Fox News Is Big Brother - I Just Figured It Out

If you read 1984 you will understand.

Fox News is Big Brother.

They tell you what to believe, and force it down your throat.

They tell you "other" media can't be trusted because they are "fair and balanced" or some garbage.


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