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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Hothouse Earth - Welcome To The Future - Free Saunas! - Up To 200 Feet Sea Level Rise!

Wait till some of the feedback loops kick in full force.

As it gets hotter, things compound the effects to make it even hotter.

"This so-called "hothouse Earth," where global temperatures will be 7 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 5 degrees Celsius) higher than preindustrial temperatures and sea levels will be 33 to 200 feet (10 to 60 meters) higher than today, is hard to imagine"



It's all good right?

Amazing so few seem to care about a future where the Earth may not be able to feed one billion people, much less 10 billion.

Capitalism Without Conservation Is Destroying The Earth

Anyone else notice?

If You Believe A Word Trump Says You Belong In An Asylum

Hey Democrats out on the campaign trail, use this. This mid-term election is "nationalized" they say. Make sure every independent hears this message.

"If You Believe A Word Trump Says You Belong In An Asylum"

Trump is a serial liar who may even believe his lies, which makes him pathological. No one on Fox ever asked Trump if he believed his own lies. That would be great if that happened. It won't. I think Trump is a pathological liar which means he DOES believe his lies in his sick twisted racist diseased mind.

Just remind people they are voting for a serial liar supporter for congress, or a Democrat.

Over, and over, and over, and over. Do it some more.

Now get busy!

(don't worry about upsetting Foxworld inhabitants - their brains are mush anyway)

Foxistan Or Foxworld

What should we name the alternate universe Trumpscum deplorables live in/on?

Here's two choices.

When my Trumpscum friend babbles something not true I tell him "only on Foxworld". Works to quiet him down every time.

You All Know Trump Is Screwing Everyone Getting Student Loan Relief Right?

My friend is getting jerked around after getting relief.

Who doesn't hate this monster?

Conservatism Is Built On Lies

Don't relent.

Letting billionaires run the government like their private piggy bank doesn't work.

Climate Change - Hothouse Earth - Will Kill Far More Than The NAZIS - Thanks Republicans

Just sayyin....

"The Planet Is Dangerously Close to the Tipping Point for a 'Hothouse Earth'"


When, how much, how many? Who knows. All I know is it is getting worse, and worse, and worse, and the Republicans are doing all they can to make the ice melt and the planet bake. Worst case scenario may become reality.

Maybe this should be in some campaign ads.

Maybe in California, or Washington State?

Montana just lost a bunch of Glacier National Park.

Drill Baby Drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McCain Gone Now I Can Say I Hate ALL Republicans

I used to hate all but one.

I'd Rather Watch Trump Takedown Than Misremembering McCain


I'm glad McCain saved Obamacare but 98% of his votes were to help billionaires not working families.

Bye John.

Paula Duncan Trump Supporting Juror At Manafort Trial - Make America Kind Again - NO!!!!

I wanted to throw up when I heard her say this on MSNBC.

The person in the White House she supports does nothing but insult people, but his supporter says we need to treat "them" nice.

I treat people nice by default. When they say they support traitor Putin owned lying scum, I treat them like scum.

I will be nice when they stop being traitors.

Get lost deplorable.

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