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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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He Said She Said She Passed Polygraph Case Closed

Period Trump/FBI.

Polygraph Polygraph Polygraph

The largest in your face piece of evidence is never mentioned by anyone.

Where's Kavanaughs results?

He gets a pass cuz privileged white scum are always automatically believed even when their accusers PASSED.

Someone tell the FBI. She passed he declined.

It won't matter to the sham investigation.

Is Avenatti The Only Dem To Talk Of GANG RAPES

By Kavanaugh and or his friends?

One again dems being waaaaaaay too nice to rapist scum.

FBI Renamed - The New Sargent Schultz FBI


Obviously a smokescreen to get dirt bag coronated on SCOTUS.

America Wake Up.

For Republicans Being A Lying Drunken Drug Addicted Attempted Rapist

Is a plus.

Caring about others is SOCIALISM.

Kavanaugh will get 100% Republican support. The worse he is the more they will support him. Just like their Fuhrer Trump.

Gang Rape Trumps FBI Not Interested

Of course.

Hey FBI Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath Many Times - Felony - But Who Cares Right? You Don't

It's the FBI's job to protect powerful criminals in most cases. People like Kavanaugh. Lied repeatedly under oath. If he was a black kid stealing beer he would be GOING DOWN. Jail. Since he is a privileged white scum son of a lobbyist, there is no crime he could possibly commit, including ATTEMPTED (and gang) RAPE.

Then they will report their "findings" to Trump, not the American People or Kavanaugh's victims.

And Flake is a hero?

I hope someone pukes on Flake.

I'll Bet This Investigation Will Be A Scam Like Fitzmas Was

Zero penalties. Pardons and squat.

Just take it America.

In the wazoo.

Texas: Sick? Ted Cruz Wants You Dead

After your family is bankrupted.

Kellyanne's Face CNN My Wife Changed Channel Instantly To Keep Breakfast


She had to move quick....

Thanks honey.
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