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Hometown: West Allis, WI
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Tue Apr 3, 2018, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,658

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Chuck Todd is an embarrassment to MSNBC

Just listened to him and god is he awful.

If I went on and claimed the earth was the center of the universe, I think he would pontificate on why can't we all agree.

C''mon Chuck - the Republican accuses Nancy Pelosi of political malpractice and you can't even follow up with, "did you just make that up"

I just saw an article on Klobuchar's worker retraining proposal

Amy Klobuchar is saying she wants to give tax cuts to help workers that lose their job through automation.

How are tax credits going to help someone that lost their job and is either making no income or is making so little that they probably are not paying much in income tax. There was not a lot of detail in the reporting.

If the tax credits instead go to a company willing to emply/retrain the employee, I can't help but see this as another give away to corporations where we will soon be bankrolling all their worker training programs.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Thu Dec 5, 2019, 04:44 PM (9 replies)

These SOB Republicans

Only Republicans would decide what crimes you committed first before examining the evidence.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Wed Dec 4, 2019, 04:57 PM (0 replies)

Did I hear Ari Melber right?

That Schiff has proof that Trump and his cronies were doing government business on WhatsApp to dodge government records laws and then destroying the record?

Didn't the media make this type of activity a big issue in 2016?

From all the rumors going around about other candidates entering the race

The leeches on Wall Street seem to be shitting a brick at the prospect that Warren may win. Plus, I think Bloomberg's apparent entry has set off a media feeding frenzy that Trump supporters are helping feed with rumors and other rat fuckery.

Kentucky's Republican Legislature trying to find a way to coronate Matt Bevin


It looks like Republicans lost ground in Eastern Kentucky too

In the NY Times county map, it looks like Dems won some counties in eastern KY with 20 pt swings. My impression is that these are your blue collar white counties. I know MSNBC has been focusing on the suburban counties, but I am wondering if there is some blue-collar counties that have traditionally been Democratic are coming back to the fold.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Tue Nov 5, 2019, 11:06 PM (6 replies)

MSNBC- There is no "Deep State"

When you say some one is not a "deep stater", you're implicitly acknowledging the Republican Conspiracy of a "Deep State"

Fucking media morons.

Was that Schiff that was just on MSNBC before McCarthy

Why is he talking so defensively. We are not going to beat the Republicans defending against every insane accusation.

Everyone knows the democrats are happy that Trump is beginning to held accountable - Don't F'ng apologize for it because it only is going to draw more partisan accusations.

Idea for Biden T-shirt (although it will probably be applicable to whoever wins the Dem. Primary)

This is not necessarily original, but....

Biden 2020

Fuck your Half-baked
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