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Power 2 the People

Power 2 the People's Journal
Power 2 the People's Journal
August 22, 2018

If Jill Stein and the Greens are found guilty of colluding with the Russians

Her votes should be voided and Hillary should be declared the rightful winner. All of Drumpf's signed laws and executive orders should be voided and old laws reinstated.

AT WORST there should be a special election between Hillary and Drumpf to finish out the remaining term until 2020.

These people committed TREASON. Our leaders and press can't just shrug a shoulder and say "oh well."

August 15, 2018

I think the incest angle insinuated by Omarosa was a mistake.

I believe it's 100% true but now it will be too easy for Fox to discount everything she says. The RW pundits will point to this and use it to convince their sheep that everything Omarosa says is bullshit. IMO She should have omitted this observation until she gained some credibility.



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