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Covid-19 Preparation


As we are seeing when folks are isolated in hospitals when they are infected with the Coronavirus, it becomes difficult for family to be in touch, especially, when the patient is really sick and on ventilator. Here is what you should have ready in case this happens to anyone you love:

IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFO to share with the public: Right now, write up a medical history and
medication list for every member of your family and make sure it's handy (And in your ICE file on
your phone). Many, many hospitals and EMS are not allowing ANYONE to accompany a patient
to the hospital. If you or a loved one has to go the hospital for ANY reason don't want EMS,
doctors or nurses missing key information. Most of us have plenty of time on our hands right
now. So, no excuses! Do it today. Stay healthy and share this with family and friends.

Forwarded a short medical history format, feel free to use it.

Name :
Home/Cell #s:
Date of birth :
Allergies: ( list reaction if known) write ALL allergies medication , food and environmental
Medical conditions :
Surgical history :
Past Medical history :
Current medication :
Alcohol consumption:
Family history : Write any major medical condition of parents , siblings and grandparents mainly
cancers, diabetes, hypertension, mental illness etc.
Insurance information ( donít put SSN)
Insurance holder information example parent or spouse etc:
Emergency contact information:
Primary Doctors office info:

Please have each family member place this in their wallets. Also, for grandparents, friends, etc.

For Covid-19 preparation to stay at home from CNN: https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2020/03/health/coronavirus-tipsheets/coronavirus-proof-your-home/index.html

Please stay safe & healthy!

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