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In It to Win It

In It to Win It's Journal
In It to Win It's Journal
August 20, 2020

New Local Election Ordered in N.J. After Mail-In Voter Fraud Charges

Someone’s trying to make a point

A judge ruled that the election in Paterson had been irreversibly tainted. The president has used the case to assail mail-in voting as dangerous, though election experts disagree.


August 20, 2020

I'm Touched!

I never thought I would get choked up watching a political convention but I did. That montage for Kamala Harris really made me tear up.

I thought I would share my thoughts as I watched President Obama and Kamala Harris speak last night.

One thing that I always thought about that but I never quite said out loud is that I don't think the right-wing understands the power of representation, the power of seeing someone that belongs to your "group" or someone that looks like you accomplish amazing things! It appears to be that they shrug off every piece of representation that highlights people of color. From my view, one thing they don't seem to understand is that representation for people of color is not about bringing down white people or thinking that PoC are better or magical, it's about lifting up people of color and giving out some inspiration.

I'm a black American. My parents, their parents, and my parents' parents (and their parents) are all black Americans as far as I can tell. I was born in the 90s and I'm in my twenties. I've only had one job before I started my own business. Growing up it was very much a prevalent theme, but implicit, that society will not be on my side because I'm black; that there will be certain things that society will not let you do; that the system is against you.

Growing up, I've had dreams and visions of being successful (however I defined that at the time), climbing the social and economic ladders, and one day buying my parents their own house. However, my dreams and visions were limited because I thought they were just that, dreams and visions. I always thought that I could try but I probably won't be that successful at obtaining those goals because these things just don't happen for black people but I'll give it a shot.

Growing up, watching Bill Cosby (before we knew what we now know), Martin Lawrence, and the Wayans family's many shows on TV didn't make having a television show a distant dream for me. To me, watching them on TV confirmed that I could also do that. I could act; I could write; I could get into cinematography.

Watching Oprah Winfrey becoming black billionaire in America confirmed to me that I could also do that. I could own a movie or TV studio.

Watching Sean Combs, Jay-Z and many others rise to the top of the music industry confirmed that I could also do it. I can't rap or sing but I could learn the business of music.

Watching Barack Obama, with his beautiful black family, be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States confirmed that me that we -my people- can also do it. We could run for any office and make positive change.

By the time I watched Black Panther, it confirmed to me what I already knew, that black people are awesome!

Watching all of this told me that my dream isn't only a dream but I can to bring it to reality. I can go against a system that will do everything in it's power to keep me in the same place and win... and do all that while being black and awesome.

Hopefully, watching Kamala Harris be sworn in as the next Vice President of these United States confirms to all people of color that they can do it too.

August 20, 2020

I need them to embrace! LET THEM HUG! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!

Fuck COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...but the Mary J Blige is calming me down

August 20, 2020

Dammit. I almost made it...

That montage for Kamala got me

August 19, 2020


That is all.

August 19, 2020

An 82-year-old Texas man waited more than a week for his heart medication to arrive, thanks to USPS

An 82-year-old Texas man told KHOU that he's waited 10 days to receive his heart medication, longer than he's ever waited for the medication to be delivered by the postal service.

In the meanwhile, his daughter was able to get him a temporary supply of the medication from a pharmacy at a local grocery store, he told the news outlet.

August 18, 2020

Trump's 2016 campaign eager to accept help from a foreign power, bipartisan report finds

WASHINGTON — In a thousand-page bipartisan report released Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee said the Trump administration obstructed its investigation with "novel claims" of executive privilege. It painted a portrait of a Trump campaign eager to accept help from a foreign power in 2016.

The Senate report, the most detailed account to date of the Trump campaign's embrace of Russian election interference, also asserted that the allegations that Ukraine interfered in the election — which President Donald Trump perpetuated — originated with Russian intelligence agencies.

August 18, 2020

When they go low, we go high

...but fuck that. We’ll go back to that when we win. Tonight, that’s all gone out the window!

August 16, 2020

'He conned me': Pennsylvania farmer who voted for Trump in 2016 to speak at DNC

A Pennsylvania dairy and soybean farmer who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 will be speaking on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at the party's convention later this week.

Rick Telesz, a registered Democrat who voted for Mr Trump in 2016 because he believed the president would "look after the working man" and "drain the swamp," now regrets that vote and has done a 180-degree turn.


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