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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2018, 07:01 PM
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I shouldn't have looked

I havenít watched any cable news for a year. For some reason I put in msnbc on way to shower. Some talking head (Navarro?) saying the budget impasse will turn off voters which will hurt democrats because voters will stay home in disgust in 2020. How the hell does she know whatís going to happen almost 2 years from now? I wish i had a job where i could spout bullshit without any accountability or factuality.

Out of the shower and sheís still there with some other idiots blathering about Schultz. F that oligarch and F them for giving him free air time.

What a mistake in my part but a reminder of why i stooped watching. Cable news is propaganda.

How To Write Unmaintainable Code

Came across this recently. It hurt. Both from laughing and from flashbacks.


The wall will never be finished

The bigots from Covington Catholic High who chanted "build the wall" to Native American veteran Nathan Phillips proved that to me. The wall is nothing but a monument to racism.

They can't let the wall ever be finished or they lose their rallying cry and their base.

Speaker Nancy "Killer" Pelosi

The other day I made a reply wondering if she made a mistake bringing up security as a reason for not doing ir delaying the SOTU. I predicted Kirstjen Nielsen would lie about that and we would wind up in a back and forth on that.

I got the easy prediction right but didnít see her next moves. What really happened is no one bought that nonsense and everyone just talked about the SOTU being cancelled .

She basically made Trump pull a Lucy on himself. Bringing up security gave him an easy out for why the SOTU was canceled but he didnít take it. Instead he got Kirstjen Nielsen to lie about security funding while Trump is looking petty and hypocritical canceling congressional trips because if funding issues while Melania is flying south on vacation.

She acts nice but expertly manipulated Trump into hurting himself.

Amazingly well played. Brava.

The "Trump totally won and got his wall" budget act of 2019

Not one thin dime and mock him if he goes for it.

The Long Walk Down

We started off a long time ago trying to get to a nice place. We are scratched up from briers, tired and are now in a fetid swamp. Funny thing when you walk through the country. You can lose sight of places where you were. You descend down a ridge. You still see that but no longer see the even higher places you were.

We can all list some of the landmarks we saw on the paths we've traveled. Messing with the Vietnam peace talks. Rumors about the hostages. Outing our agents.

The southern strategy, dallying during the aids crisis, the moral majority, family values, one man one woman.

Blundering into the first Iraq war and lying into the second. Watergate, Iran contra, Valerie Plame

Abu Graihb, water boarding, extraordinary rendition, demonization of immigrants, family separation and tent cities in the desert.

We could all list more.

They say there is a horrible family of cannibals in the swamp up ahead and we smell the long pork cooking. I remember all the so called trail guides who insisted we didn't take more promising paths. Who walked us through those horrible paths where we saw all those landmarks. The ones who tell us that we have to keep walking into the swamp and that the cannibals aren't so bad.

I am dead sure some of these guides and the cannibals are in cahoots. They might even be the same. Some say that some guides were well intentioned and just happened to pick bad paths. That things weren't so bad when they chose those paths. Maybe so.

I'm not dancing today, I am just remembering the ways we took and wish we had made better choices.

Edit: misspelt wish
Posted by Midnightwalk | Sat Dec 1, 2018, 06:46 PM (1 replies)

Green Party Strikes in AZ

US Senate race

McSally(R) 850,043
Sinema(D) 834,135
Green(G) 38,596

The Green Party elects more republicans than their own candidates. Do they even have any one elected at the national level? Sinema used to be green but switched to Democratic Party. The greens still wound up working to elect a republican.

Angela Green dropped out at last minute. Too late. Put in the hours and spent the money to help the republican, then said "never mind".

I know the typical arguments about not being able to count those votes. Bullshit. The net effect is negative for us and positive for republicans.

Happy we took the house and picked up a seat in congress.
Posted by Midnightwalk | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 10:48 AM (4 replies)

Attempted Assasinations

Fueled by the deranged, irresponsible lies from Trump and right wing pundits.

I say call it what it is. His van is proof. Discussion on his competence mentally or the in wiring doesn't change that.

Rachel Mitchell should resign or be fired

Rachel Mitchell is the chief of the special victims division of the Maricopa count attorneys office in Phoenix. She agreed to be the sole public inquisitor of the victim, Dr Ford, even while publicly admitting that the norms of proper investigations and interviews were not performed.

How can any victim in her county trust that they will be treated respectfully and have their case properly investigated by her office? How can any victim testifying trust that her office will protect them while in the stand?

She chose to become part of this phony hearing and should face consequences.
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