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Gender: Female
Hometown: London
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Current location: Stockholm, Sweden
Member since: Sun Jul 1, 2018, 06:25 PM
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quick heads up, Shermichael Singleton, who just savaged Pete on Chris Mathews, is a RW Rethug

Started out with Newt Gringrich, has worked with Paul Ryan, Romney, etc etc. Was Ben 'REO' Carson's lieutenant at HUD, under Trump till he got sacked. Also worked for the repulsive America Rising oppo research goon squad.

He was a right proper pronger tonight, accused Pete of having white privilege, said he has zero policies and zero chance with blacks (I think he REALLY wanted to say because he was gay, as he was all puffing up hard, in that so-fake black rethug male way, but he stopped short of that). Was most Pete-hostile talking head I have seen on MSNBC.


Theresa May expected to announce her resignation - live news

Latest news as prime minister widely expected to bow to pressure from Tory MPs and reveal the date she will leave Downing Street


5m ago
Today is likely to be a good day for Jacob Rees-Mogg


10m ago
My colleague Peter Walker has put together this helpful list of the runners and riders for the Conservative party leadership.



BBC Live streams



Transparent Trump

Mayor Pete Buttigieg at Washington Post Live (full video)

2020 Presidential Candidate and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg answered questions from the Washington Post’s Robert Costa at an event hosted by the newspaper.


Buttigieg: It's 'disgusting' that Trump is considering pardoning soldiers convicted of war crimes


(video at the link)

Democratic presidential aspirant Pete Buttigieg said Thursday that he thinks it is “disgusting” that President Trump is reportedly considering pardons for several American military members accused or convicted of war crimes.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., who served in Afghanistan as a Navy Reserve intelligence officer, said during an appearance at a Washington Post Live event that such pardons would hurt the standing of the U.S. military abroad and make troops less safe.

“My view is it’s disgusting,” Buttigieg said, arguing that it’s important to maintain the credibility of the U.S. military justice system. “If the president blows a hole in that, he is blowing a hole in the military, and he is putting troops lives at risk.”

Buttigieg said that during his military service, “the flag on my shoulder represented a country that kept its word. . . . If we lose that, nothing will keep us safe.”


full event video

Mayor Pete Buttigieg at Washington Post Live

2020 Presidential Candidate and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg answered questions from the Washington Post’s Robert Costa at an event hosted by the newspaper.


Ocasio-Cortez defends Warren for her past hourly legal fees


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Thursday defended Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) for the hourly fees the Massachusetts lawmaker charged for past legal consulting.

Ocasio-Cortez linked to a Washington Post article on Warren's fees, asking the publication to now report on how much money presidential candidates had accepted from “Wall Street, Big Pharma, & Fossil Fuel.”

"Now do the amount of Wall Street, Big Pharma, & Fossil Fuel [money] presidential candidates accepted over their careers & how much they’re taking now."

BREAKING NEWS: Lady Had A Job, Got Paid More Than Me

Nice work. Now do the amount of Wall Street, Big Pharma, & Fossil Fuel presidential candidates accepted over their careers & how much they’re taking now.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) May 23, 2019

Warren’s presidential campaign released a list of 56 cases she advised while a Harvard professor on her website Wednesday night.




Wow, Pete unleashed, just said Trump faked disability to dodge war and called him a flat out racist

just now live on MSNBC, will try and find link

on edit added a link

H/T to .99center


Heidi Allen threatened to quit as Change UK leader over Lib Dem row

MP says she wanted remainers to vote tactically for rivals in some areas but was overruled


The Change UK leader, Heidi Allen, has said she threatened to resign during an internal party row over whether to endorse voting tactically for the Liberal Democrats in the EU elections. In a Channel 4 News interview, Allen said she had wanted to advise remain supporters to vote for the Lib Dems outside of London and the south-east but she was overruled by other party members.

“Had it been left to me, I would have absolutely advised tactical voting,” said Allen, the MP for South Cambridgeshire. She said that while her colleague Sarah Wollaston agreed with her, others did not. “I respect the views of my fellow group members and the majority was that they didn’t want to go that way, but it is something that still troubles me. I have no doubt that the British public will look at the tactical voting websites out there and make their own decisions.”

Asked by the journalist Cathy Newman whether she had threatened to resign, she said: “Yes. I did.” Allen denied her party was in disarray and said the D’Hondt electoral system used in the EU elections was “inherently complex”.

“Necessarily putting all the votes in one direction doesn’t always necessarily create the result that you want. If the next party further down in the polls isn’t still big enough to win a seat, you can end up, if you’re not careful, giving more votes to the Brexit parties,” she said.


Ocasio-Cortez Backs Insurgent Tiffany Cabn in Queens D.A. Race, Testing Her Influence in N.Y.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement was perhaps the most sought after in the race, but it is also something of a risk for the first-term congresswoman.


It was only 11 months ago when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the political world with a primary upset of Representative Joseph Crowley, the No. 4 Democrat in the House and a mainstay in the Queens Democratic machine. Then the youngest woman ever elected to Congress took Washington by storm, using her savvy social media skills to help achieve mainstream buy-in for ideas once deemed too far left for Democrats.

Now Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, 29, may be testing the extent of her influence back home: In a hotly contested seven-way Democratic primary for Queens district attorney, she has decided to endorse Tiffany Cabán, the candidate whose platform most echoes the first-term congresswoman’s.

“Our criminal justice system needs to change,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez told The New York Times in a statement. “New Yorkers deserve a seat at the table, and a champion who will fight to realign our priorities toward equal treatment under the law. If Tiffany Cabán wins, things are going to change.”

The Democratic primary on June 25 is seen as something of a referendum on whether a diverse borough like Queens is ready to embrace the liberal criminal justice reforms — aimed at ending the era of mass incarceration — that are sweeping the country.


Ms. Cabán, 31, is only the second person Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed since being sworn in. This month, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Raul Fernandez, a candidate for the Brookline Select Board in Massachusetts. Mr. Fernandez, a friend from her time attending Boston University, won a three-year term. Now Ms. Cabán is hoping an endorsement from Ms. Ocasio-Cortez will help distinguish her in a crowded field.



Caban's main opponent is Queens Borough President Melinda Katz


Cabán staked her campaign on ending the use of cash bail for all crimes, not just nonviolent felonies. She was also an early supporter of the city’s No New Jails movement and opposed de Blasio’s plan to replace the Rikers Island jail by constructing four new jails. Katz previously wanted to eliminate cash bail only for misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, but has since altered her platform to end cash bail completely. She supports closing Rikers and, until recently, supported de Blasio’s plan to replace the massive jail with four new borough-based jails. She now opposes that plan.

While Cabán would decline to prosecute sex work and recreational drug use, among other crimes, Katz said she would only decline to prosecute marijuana use and would want to “consider each arrest on its merits before declining to prosecute.”

In addition to distancing herself from policy proposals that fall short of the progressive standard Cabán is pushing, Katz has also tried to explain away her past support for conservative criminal justice measures. Katz said she only voted the death penalty while she was a member of the New York State Assembly on moral grounds after her mother was killed in a drunk driving accident. But during that race, where the Queens Daily News described her as a candidate “bucking the Queens Democratic machine,” Katz said she didn’t think the death penalty was a deterrent but that she supported it because of “the enormous cost of keeping someone behind bars for life.”

In her campaign for DA, Katz is also running on sentencing reform and reducing mass incarceration. But as a New York City council member, she sponsored legislation to increase penalties for minor offenses like graffiti and drag racing, and voted to create a new crime of gang recruitment despite expert testimony that such laws unfairly target young people of color who aren’t involved in crime.

Katz has raised over $1 million so far, and some of that includes funds left over from her citywide office accounts. She’s also taken a quarter of a million dollars from real estate developers and interests, while pledging to hold developers and construction companies accountable for workplace injuries. She’s the top real estate industry recipient in the race thus far, The City reported


Anti-vaxxers go viral in communities battling measles


MONSEY, N.Y. — In a suburban shopping center an hour north of New York City, hundreds of mostly ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered in a sex-partitioned ballroom to hear leaders of the national anti-vaccine movement.

Sustained applause greeted Del Bigtree, a former television producer-turned-activist who often wears a yellow star of David , similar to those required of Jews in Nazi Germany, to show solidarity with parents ordered to keep unvaccinated children at home.

Bigtree described the purported dangers of childhood vaccines in phrases that also conjured the Nazis.

“They have turned our children into the largest human experiment in history — all of history,” he said.

The turnout last week in this suburb hard hit by measles helps explain why New York has become ground zero in one of this country’s largest and longest-lasting measles outbreak in nearly 30 years. Even in a religious community grappling with more than 700 cases in Rockland County and New York City since last fall — among them, children on oxygen in intensive care units — anxious and confused parents said they came because they are afraid of vaccines and seeking guidance about what to do.


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