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Gender: Female
Hometown: London
Home country: UK/Sweden
Current location: Stockholm, Sweden
Member since: Sun Jul 1, 2018, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 23,834

Journal Archives

Ruff Sqwad - Together (Instrumental) 2005 Classic Grime 💎🎵🎤💊🧪

Label: Ruff Sqwad Recordings – none
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP, White Label
Country: UK
Released: Sept 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Grime

When Phones Were Fun: Nokia N95 (2007)


The B-52's - Private Idaho (Party Mix 1981)

Label: Island Records – IPM 1001
Vinyl, 12", Mini-Album
Country: UK
Released: Jul 1981
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Synth-pop

Portugal makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work in 'game changer' remote work law


The gentle brutalism of Upper Lawn, a rural retreat in the Wiltshire countryside


The Modern House Magazine is an exploration into how to live in more beautiful and thoughtful ways – and you can now purchase issues No.2 and No.3 together. To celebrate, we’re sharing an edited version of a story on Upper Lawn, which we featured in our second issue. Upper Lawn was Alison and Peter Smithson’s brutalist “camp box” in the Wiltshire countryside. The stripped-back structure, with no bedrooms and few luxuries, offered peace, quiet and the opportunity to live in rhythm with the seasons. Here, Lucy Drane, Senior Appraisals Specialist for The Modern House, discovers a brutalist folly whose underlying principles of simplicity, connection to nature and slow living are as relevant today as they were in the 1960s.

It was 1958 when Alison and Peter Smithson acquired Upper Lawn: a derelict thatched cottage with a demolition order. The house was one of a group of stone buildings set in the remains of an 18th-century farm worker’s yard, once forming part of ‘The Lawns’ on William Beckford’s estate at the edge of Fonthill Abbey. Upper Lawn, or Solar Pavilion as it was previously known, is perhaps the smallest project of the architect couple and pioneers of British brutalism – but this modest house in Wiltshire, their rural retreat for over two decades, came to embody some of their most significant ideas.

As Peter put it, Upper Lawn was “a device for trying things out on oneself”. Here, they trialled products and materials which were not yet permitted for use in London and explored concepts on a small scale; the most successful of which would later be applied to more expansive projects in the city. By 1960 Alison and Peter had built a two-storey pavilion onto Upper Lawn’s original stone walls. Rather than razing the structure, the existing elements were repurposed, encouraging new ways of looking at historical foundations.

The lower half of the original cottage provided a framework for the new floor-to-ceiling, timber-framed glass walls above; a spectacular piano nobile with an almost 360-degree panorama across the valley. Glazing was extensive, since experimentation in solar gain, which garnered varying levels of success, was a significant part of their process. They had aimed to create “a simple climate house” within which they could experience firsthand the inclement weather conditions of the English seasons. The space was sparsely furnished, and they likened their way of living here to “camping in the landscape”. The kitchen had a sink and a dishwasher but no cooking facilities; instead, they cooked on a stove outside, and at night the whole family rolled out mattresses on the first floor to sleep. They completed their work in 1962 and enjoyed Upper Lawn as a counterpoint to the city; an English folly that their young family could retreat to enjoy a slower, rural pace of life.

'She's Lost It': Bill Barr Claims Maria Bartiromo Called Him to Scream About Election Lies


One of Donald Trump’s favorite news hosts—Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo—reportedly got so vexed about election conspiracy theories last year that she called up then-Attorney General Bill Barr in a rage. Bartiromo was one of the highest profile pushers of Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud following the 2020 election, and the ex-president has frequently turned to her for live interviews over the past five years.

In his new book, Betrayal, ABC News Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl reports that the Fox host screamed down the phone at Barr last November after Trump’s defeat. According to Karl, Bartiromo “called Barr to complain that the DOJ hadn’t done anything to stop the Democrats from stealing the election.” Barr told Karl on the record: “She called me up and she was screaming... I yelled back at her. She’s lost it.” Bartiromo didn’t directly respond to Barr’s claim, but Fox News Media spokesperson denied Barr’s account of the conversation on her behalf.

All the other cray hosts with the pumped-up lips...............

Ron DeSantis Is on Team COVID, and Damn Whatever Happens to Florida

The Florida governor has been waging a war on public health, with predictably horrifying results.



How to Make Coquito for the Holiday Season. Puerto Rican coconut eggnog is the holidays in a bottle.


It's not Christmas in Puerto Rico without our traditional coquito drink. Coquito [pronounced “koh-kee-toh”] is a creamy coconut milk beverage that’s made especially for the holidays. It is like a Puerto Rican eggnog, only better. Did you know that Puerto Rico has the longest Christmas in the world? It starts on the first of November and ends in mid-January with our popular San Sebastián Street Festival, also known as “Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián or San Se” in Old San Juan.

Every Christmas my dear querida Abuela used to prepare her famous coquito recipe and the tradition has stayed with me. After I moved to New York to look for job opportunities, I found myself missing my family and culture. I was on a mission to find ways to reconnect with my Puerto Rican roots and when Navidad (Christmas) came, I knew I needed to learn how to make my Abuela’s coquito recipe, but with my own vegan twist.

Even though there are different variations of coquito, the base of the recipe is traditionally not vegan, and made with rum, coconut milk, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. This is such a staple in our holiday traditions, and I promise my vegan coquito recipe will not compromise the flavor.


An updating calculation of the president's approval rating, accounting for each poll's quality, etc


Gosar calls himself a victim of terrorism after colleagues call him out for assassination cartoon



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