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Gender: Male
Hometown: RVA
Home country: United States
Current location: RVA
Member since: Wed Jul 4, 2018, 08:16 AM
Number of posts: 202

Journal Archives

I just got polled

and it felt so good!
It was an in-state phone poll, and it seemed pretty legit, not one sided or push polling. The poor woman on the other end seemed a little flustered:
"If the presidential election were being held today, who would you vote..."
"Joe Biden."
"for; Joe Biden or Do..."
"Please don't even say his name. Voting for Joe and Kamala."
"Ok. Do you approve or disapprove of the job... the president has been doing?"
"Do you have anything stronger than disapprove?"
"I can say strongly disapprove."
"How about loathe, or abhor?"
"I hear you, but my options end at strongly disapprove."
"Mine don't, but let's go ahead and put strongly disapprove then."
She was a good sport.

I just wrote to Mitch

I know he'll probably never read it, but I tried to call his office (202) 224-2541 and they are "experiencing a high volume of calls" and "This mailbox cannot receive messages at this time" and then got disconnected.
So I emailed him instead. Again, I have no illusions , but it felt good to write it down and send it out to the universe.

Mitch, whatever else you may be, you are a pragmatist . If you try to push through a replacement for the late Justice Ginsburg in the weeks before the election, you will be the man who costs the Republican part the senate. I know you think that packing the court with some Federalist Society -stooge will motivate your base. Our base is bigger. Our base is more motivated. Our base will flip the senate, you will lose your speakership. And if the future leader decides to play by your rules, you will be the man who lost the Senate for the Republican Party for at least a generation. Be a pragmatist.

Stupid or Evil?

For years, I've been wrestling with the basic question; is Trump stupid or is he evil? Does he just not know any better, like some privileged beast rutting his way through life or is he truly a monster who knows the difference between right and wrong and just doesn't care?
Lately, after reading Mary Trump's book, I was shifting towards stupid. He was so stunted by his father that he just never stood a chance, and grew up in an echo chamber that rewarded all of his worst qualities.
But today, after the Woodward revelations, I have no doubt. He's evil. And really, that's the only word for him. Sociopath, malignant narcissist, put all the psychological terms behind it that you want, but at his core, he really is just...evil.
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