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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,013

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What's a disgraced outed racist and bigot to do? Rejoin the Republican party!

Disgraced former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino -- who resigned after being caught on tape making racist and homophobic remarks -- has changed his political affiliation back to Republican.

Saudino appeared at a meeting of the Bergen County Republican Organization this week and was greeted with “enthusiastic applause,” according to the New Jersey Globe.


Trump Obstructed justice to prevent Muller from gathering enough evidence to prove his collusion

Mueller Report, Page 9, second paragraph...

"Second, while the investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the Russian Government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign, the evidence was not sufficient to support criminal charges."

Would you rather have undocumented immigrants or Trump supporters living in your state/city?

would you like some hard working undocumented immigrants who love America or a bunch of treasonous, racist, lazy, low IQ Trump supporters living in your state or city?

Basic High School Civics lesson from 1948

and if Tucker Carlson's racism and misogyny wasn't enough

Carlson: "Well I like you too, and I mean that. You always say, 'I mean that in a non-fag way,' but I actually mean it in a completely faggot way."


Tucker Carlson called Iraqis "semiliterate primitive monkeys"

That means Tucker Carlson is 100% racist and there is no way to spin it as anything else

Read and hear about his other racist remarks here


Trump meets the Biblical definition of "wicked"

"The state of being wicked; a mental disregard for justice, righteousness, truth, honor, virtue; evil in thought and life; depravity; sinfulness; criminality."

Yet the fake religious Americans love and support the guy. They even have him autographing their Bibles



Remember Cohen lied to protect Trump

Cohen didn't lie for his own benefit. Just remember that when traitors/liars like Sarah Sanders does some preemptive character assignation

For weeks the corporate controlled media has been headlining the antics of a crazy actor

Yet when it's discovered that a MAGA Coast Guard terrorist was plotting to murder all the top elected Democrats- DEAD SILENT

"liberal media" my ass

America doesn't realize how much troubling material the Senate has found

(THREAD) CBS just spoke to the REPUBLICAN chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee—now entering its third year of investigating Trump-Russia ties—and what Richard Burr has to tell America should decimate any lingering skepticism about Mueller. I hope you'll read on and retweet.
1/ Here's the link to the CBS interview. Skeptics reading this thread—who will be stunned by what they read—should understand that the interviewee, Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, was on TRUMP'S NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM as of October 2016.
2/ CBS notes that the Senate Intel Committee is entering its third year of a bipartisan Russia probe *despite* intense pressure—particularly from Burr's fellow Republicans—to wrap up its work. That alone is telling: that the Senate majority on the Committee is resisting stopping.
3/ QUOTE #1: "[Burr] acknowledges now that the investigation is broader, and perhaps more consequential, than it has long been thought to be." So America doesn't realize how much troubling material the Senate has found—or how far-flung and important to our future the material is.

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